Simacan welcomes Sharon Veenink as Digital Marketeer

Thu | 14 May 2020 | Working at Simacan

Simacan welcomes Sharon Veenink as Digital Marketeer

Welcome to Simacan Sharon! As some other new colleagues, you started while everyone just left the building to work from home. I hope you had a good first impression either way?
Yes, my first impression was very good, from day one I feel so welcome. The atmosphere within Simacan feels absolutely right and it is nice to have colleagues again. I hope to meet them soon.

Can you tell us bit about your previous job experiences?
My working life started at the studio of a large advertising agency. I started out as a desktop publisher and after 9 years, I left the agency as a graphic designer. My next job was at a production company for gifts and games. At this company I made the switch from print to 3D products. Furthermore I expanded my working area with writing texts and managing Chinese manufacturers as well. I had the chance to create the strangest games, products, texts and illustrations.

After 9 years I left the company and started working for a producer of baby articles. They gave me the opportunity to enter the world of e-commerce, which I had wanted for some time. Unfortunately, the e-commerce department did not have a long existence there and I was forced to look for another job. I found this as a content manager at an online wine shop. Because of the size of this company - read 'small' - I did practically everything that comes with running an online retail shop, a very instructive period.

And now, working at Simacan, do your previous jobs have any overlap with your new function and what will you be doing at Simacan?
I think the fact that my extensive work experience has made me pretty all-round, worked to my advantage at my application. I hope to be able to apply all facets of my past (design, marketing and online - the latter is mainly content such as text and images -) at Simacan, and so far, this has been quite successful. What's new for me is making interactive presentations and films, but it's my intention to get completely comfortable with this.

In my new function at Simacan, I'm going to support the marketing department with content creation in all forms, to support the commercial development of Simacan. The intention is to lift all our expressions to a uniform and high level and I look forward to be working on this.

You were immediately thrown into the deep: the new company style was on its way and you got to work hard on it! How was that experience for you?
It was great fun, but also tough. All kinds of design- and system choices had already been made. For me, that meant that I first had to figure out why certain choices had been made and how I got to work with them. The new house style is of a high quality and because most resources still have to be made in this new style, for me it was mainly a matter of trying and finding out how we can pursue that quality and style in all means. That takes time and patience.

To finish: what is a fun fact about you that we don't know yet?
These are the hardest questions! Eh..., even though I don't work with wine anymore, I'd still like to know more about wine. I have no ambition to become a vinologist, but a basic wine course is definitely still planned. And I would like to sign up as a member of a glider club, but I can't get over the nausea I get as soon as the glider is disconnected from the cable, so whether a membership is such a good idea...

Welcome Sharon, I hope you'll have a good time with us!