Simacan and Silvie: a successful match

Thu | 29 Oct 2020 | Working at Simacan

Simacan and Silvie: a succesful match

In July 2020, Silvie Spreeuwenberg has joined the Simacan team as Business controller. In the meantime, Silvie started some projects for Simacan. It's time to get to know Silvie a bit more, so we asked her to tell us something about herself...

"Curiosity has always been my driving force. Although I am not sportive, competitive, adventurous and rather careful, my course of life did bring me to many unconventional places. This started with my studies in Artificial Intelligence. Being unable to choose between philosophy, psychology, industrial design and natural sciences I stumbled upon this new studies that combined all these topics with computer science in one masters degree."

Study time and moving places
"This study by the University Utrecht made me move to Utrecht but, being so close to my home town Amsterdam, it was for a short time. I was born and raised in Amsterdam and currently live next to the Zuidas station. I like the dynamic environment consisting of business buildings, young professionals, entrepreneurs and some residential towers. Some famous artists and football players are my neighbors and in Corona time the rush disappeared and neighbors get together to play ping-pong or walk the dog. Since my daughter just moved out for studies I currently live on my own, although my boyfriend joins me a lot and perhaps it's time to look for a joined place in the near future.
          Other places I lived is Belgium. That was something completely different and a very unconvential place as well. For 7 years I lived in a village between Brussels and Liege and inhabited one half of an 18th century castle. Here I learned that I am really a city-person."

Founder, manager and CTO
"After my studies I worked less than 2 years for a consulting firm in expert systems development. I soon learned that I want to re-use what I learned and am more ambitious than most colleagues. Therefore I started my own business, LibRT, to create re-usable and supporting components for rule based expert systems. This let me to being founder, product manager and CTO of RuleArts, a US-based company. We sold software for business rules and terminology management using language technology. At RuleArts I learned that bringing a new innovative product to the market is a great challenge and fun to do. After the fact, I realized that we were rather unconvential with two woman leading a tech firm."

From entrepreneur to employee
"After I sold RuleArts in 2017 I continued with the consulting assignments with LibRT on my own but I quickly knew that would not give me enough impact. I was in doubt about starting a new business when I decided to sign up for the international oneMBA program at Erasmus University. One of my assignments for the strategy class was about Simacan’s internationalisation strategy and provided input for the successful Horizon 2020 grant application for Simacan.
          The next unconvential step was to move from being a successful entrepreneur to becoming an employee again. Being a program manager for the funded EU link program gave me a perfect opportunity to get to know all details of the Simacan service offerings. I believe there is a lot of potential for Simacan to learn from Artificial Intelligence applications and my experiences in doing international business. Therefore I decided to extend my responsibility to business controlling."

Business controller
"A a business controller I will be responsible for the internal procedures to make sure they are effective, able to scale and efficient. At the same time I also analyse external market trends to translate them to our overall strategy. That is also why I joined the Simacan strategy team.
          The nice thing about age is that you have so much to share. I love to bring knowledge and experience to my Simacan colleagues to learn in return what it means for the new generation that was raised with advanced technologies."