What is the Simacan SaaS platform?

Thu | 6 May 2021 | Simacan Solutions

What is the Simacan SaaS platform?

The advantages of Simacan-SaaS for our customers at a glance

Software as a Service, often abbreviated as SaaS, is software that is offered as an online service. Simacan is such a SaaS service and develops, produces and publishes SaaS products such as the Simacan Control Tower. The advantage is that the customer does not need to purchase software and that the service provider takes care of installation, maintenance and management. What else does this way of working mean for our customers and what other advantages does it offer them?

The Simacan platform unlocks the power of traffic management and 'management by exception' for transport planning. Planners gain real-time insight into the current status of the transport operation and can use powerful tools to proactively adjust and, where necessary, inform, collaborate and/or adjust internally and externally. Simacan offers these services to its clients as SaaS solutions.

Simacan's SaaS products

Simacan's focus is on marketing SaaS software solutions for the external supply chain: to manage it better and make the entire process completely transparent. To this end, we use an immense amount of data from various sources, which all comes together on our platform. Think, for example, of large quantities of geospatial, traffic and logistics data. 

On an online platform such as Simacan, this data can easily be merged, processed and shared with all parties within a supply chain. Predetermined information can even be easily shared with an end user such as a consumer at home. 

Simacan is continuously improving its existing SaaS products and developing new product features to bring them to the market.  All Simacan products are delivered in the Cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service). Cloud-based SaaS software drastically reduces our customers' operating costs and significantly improves deployment, accessibility and productivity. 

The advantages of Simacan as a SaaS solution

As mentioned, all Simacan solutions are hosted in the Cloud and this offers the customer the advantage of not owning the resources, not having to make a capital investment and not having to manage a complex IT infrastructure.

Hosting all Simacan solutions in the Cloud offers the following advantages:

  • It ensures business-critical uptime (up to 99.5%);
  • Platform and operating system independence: access via any device with an internet connection, which makes accessing information and keeping all data in sync much easier;
  • Collaboration and contact functionality, so that people in different teams or in different locations can still work together effectively;
  • Managed software updates, centrally managed maintenance of the system;
  • Plug & play principle; directly accessible and user-friendly control tower portal 
  • Innovations can be implemented faster;
  • High data security;
  • Scalable system performance;
  • Cost savings by not having to purchase and maintain systems and software.

Simacan is ISO 27001 certified and exclusively uses cloud infrastructure hosted within the EU. Our services comply with the EU regulations on data protection and privacy. You can read more about this on our 'Security & Privacy' page.

Save costs with SaaS

Lower management costs for the client are possible with SaaS because Simacan can spread the applications, the costs for the infrastructure and the management of the infrastructure over all customers. The costs for our SaaS service are based on the number of unique "stops" that are processed in the Simacan Control Tower.

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SaaS technology will play an increasingly important role in the future, also in the transport and logistics sector. SaaS will allow companies to focus more on their core business, since the responsibility for the IT systems will lie with the supplier, such as Simacan. To use Simacan's SaaS solutions within your transport company, you only need a TMS or FMS to apply location data and planning data. 

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