company culture

Our core values

We place great importance on our company values. They guide our employees in achieving their own personal and professional goals as well as Simacan’s. They are the essence of our identity and they sum up our reason for being.

What describes the Simacan?

  • Progressive
  • Ownership
  • Ambitious
  • Connecting
  • Unconventional
Corporate culture

Simacan is a young company in several ways; we are growing and developing at a rapid pace and employ quite a lot of young people. We are very proud of the fact that our customers love the high quality standard and reliability of our solutions and services. Because of the high demand for our solutions we are constantly short of hands and always looking for new and talented colleagues.

We value input

Everyone's input is important to us, because we all have our own wealth of experiences, which we like to learn from. We especially value the input of new employees because of their fresh perspective. An important rule that we always try to adhere is that we do not make assumptions. As a new employee, you have the perfect opportunity to question our assumptions, so we are happy to hear your remarks! We always go for the best practices, and we are very sensitive to good arguments to renew and better our processes.

New ideas

In addition, we welcome new and creative ideas with open arms! They can lead to new functionalities or to completely new product lines. And before you know it, your experimental code will be used nationwide.

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Simacan's core values


Simacan was founded by people who had a great ‘out of the box’ vision. Today, Simacan is still going strong thanks to the progressive spirit that is part of the company’s DNA.

Personal beliefs that illustrate progressiveness

  • I like to try new things.
  • I am focused on improving the world around me.
  • I prefer to look forward rather than looking back.
  • I want to shape my own future.
  • I want to make a difference.

How to be progressive at Simacan

  • Learn by doing.
  • Fail fast and fail often! We learn the most from our mistakes.
  • Be like Pippi Longstocking: “I have never tried it before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that."
  • Make use of the freedom to find your own way to add value, and allow others the freedom to do the same.

We believe in long-term commitment, both to our colleagues and our clients. We take ownership, show initiative and get deep gratification as a reward! Our sense of ownership enables us to achieve sustainable change.

Personal beliefs that illustrate your ownership

  • I go the extra mile for my colleagues and our customers.
  • You can rely on me.
  • I proactively let people know if things are no longer going entirely to plan.
  • I choose sustainable change over quick wins.

How to take ownership at Simacan

  • Make sure you are doing the right things.
  • If you’re in doubt or need to make a choice, always ask yourself: What would be best for Simacan?
  • Keep your promises.
  • Take proactive action when you see room for improvement.
  • Be on time, be punctual.

We’re very ambitious at Simacan. We’re committed to strive for the best possible results, and staying focused on our goal helps us to achieve them.

Personal beliefs that illustrate being ambitious

  • I like to be challenged, that helps me to become better.
  • I think there’s always room for improvement.
  • I am able to separate the side issues from what’s essential.
  • I love to stand out from the crowd.

How to be ambitious at Simacan

  • Set ambitious goals for yourself and be effective when working to achieve them.
  • Take your personal development goals very seriously.
  • Follow your own plan, while taking the company goals into account.
  • Join forces with all your colleagues to take Simacan as a whole to the next level.

What connects us as a team is that we’re all specialists in our own discipline. As a company, we help other companies to connect to each other; we like to create chains of cooperation. We also believe it’s important to have fun along the way.

Personal beliefs that illustrate being connected

  • I believe that we can achieve more together.
  • I love working as part of a team.
  • I take a genuine interest in my colleagues and our customers.

How to connect at Simacan

  • Be helpful to your colleagues and don’t hesitate to ask for help yourself.
  • Show curiosity in other people.
  • Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, whether they are a colleague or a customer.
  • Listen attentively.

Much of Simacan’s tremendous growth is thanks to us daring to do things in our own, unique way. We have the freedom to be ourselves, and that makes us unconventional. Being rebellious every now and then has resulted in some great adventures and great successes.

Personal beliefs that illustrate being unconventional

  • I always have my eyes wide open to new possibilities.
  • I think differently every now and then.
  • I am constantly looking for information that will keep my heart and mind alive.
  • I can be headstrong sometimes.

How to be unconventional at Simacan

  • Have the confidence and courage to take action.
  • Accept and celebrate that not everyone thinks like you.
  • When you’re about to start something new, ask yourself: “What if it were easy?” That’s an unconventional way to discover what’s holding you back.
  • Question whether things can be done differently.
  • Dare to query existing approaches.
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