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Digital Delivery Day 2021

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Thu | 30 Sep 2021 |

D2 Day
Digital Delivery Day 2021

Day of digital delivery 2021 the Simacan event for Transport & Logistics - Retail Edition on 30 September was a great success and certainly worth repeating! Everyone of significance in the retail sector was present. And Supply Chain Magazine published a nice report on the day, reiterating the importance of data collaboration and the impact on energy supply.


D2 Day is an annual inspirational day powered by Simacan for shippers and carriers to together realise today's digital transformation with tomorrow's possibilities. These organisations present on the D2 day 2021 were:

present organisations

Simacan Satelite

On D2 Day we introduced Simacan Satelite. Simacan Satelite brings transparency to your logistic operations with Simacan’s Satellite. With the data from Simacan Control Tower, as a single source of truth, shippers and carriers have the ability to learn from past trips, improve future transport operations and optimise all administrative processes.

More about Simacan Satelite

An impression of the day.

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