Webfleet Mobility Talk

'Investing in Trucks or digitization'

March 9, 2021 | Online | Dutch

Tue | 4 Feb 2020 | News
Webfleet seminars in Dutch:

Software innovations & developments in transport & logistics

Webfleet Solutions organizes online knowledge sessions about the theme 'Software innovations & developments in Transport & Logistics'. The following topics will be discussed in Dutch (!) from March 9th on:

  • Current challenges and developments in Transport and Logistics
  • Advantages and necessity of digitization
  • From what point on are transport operators ready for the future?
  • Collaboration between platforms and stakeholders
  • What innovations are there in transport and how do we get there?

The topics are dealt with by one statement per session. The first knowledge session will take place on March 9th, with Simacan's Eric Mulders and Walther Ploos van Amstel as experts. The topic of this seminar is 'Investing in Trucks or digitization'.

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