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'Supply chain collaboration with e-CMR'

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Simacan webinar
Mon | 16 Aug 2021 |

Replay webinar: Supply chain collaboration with e-CMR

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The most effective way to realise improvements and create more value in supply chains is through intense collaboration in the supply chain. We need to make the supply chain resilient and sustainable and therefore more transparent and reduce the slack. That is why the digital waybill, or e-CMR, has been introduced. How can e-CMR help to realise these ambitions? We discuss the benefits and how to effectively implement e-CMR in supply chains.


Prof. J. van der Veen - evofenedex Chair Supply Chain Management @Nyenrode Business University | Athor of 'Regisseer de Keten'
Silvie Spreeuwenberg - Chief Technology Officer @Simacan
Roy Stroek - Product Manager @Simacan

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