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πŸ”— OTM5 interface now easier for partners

It has become easier to connect to our OTM5 messages. We provided more detailed clarification on what data to expect. Specifically the fields and values found under ‘externalAttributes’. This way your coding can be done with more simple logic. In these efforts we ensured that our documentation remains always in line with the OTM5 we send out.

Simacan developer portal

⏳ Performance improvements TD Matrix

The TD matrix is now faster! This enables even larger TD-matrices and thus operations with even more locations, it also improves the lead time for calculating impact on operational changes (like new locations and new last miles). We typically see the time cut in half, but more importantly this enables us to work on new features next year. The TD Matrix is being prepared for the future of logistic planning. To be continued!

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πŸ“₯ Planning input in system messages

The system messages now show additional messages. These messages are created when we process data from a TMS or FMS that enriches the planning. The system messages are now your overview to see who sent planning data. Resulting in a direct accessible overview of all processed planning input, whether from you or your partners.

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Updates October 2022

🚚 Fully flexible vehicle types

Operational planners between organisations can now communicate in more detail on the type of vehicle they expect to be used (e.g. electric, panel van, tractor unit, etc). The vehicle type alias can be added in both the requested and actual part of the planning. This makes sure the level of detail required for seamless collaboration between all parties is available through the planning.

πŸŽ‰ Shipment Status now available

Supply chain stakeholders of a groupage trip now have insights into the latest status of their consignment(s) with Simacans Shipment Status. The Simacan platform enables a consignment-based view for execution monitoring derived from orders, ensuring full visibility of the status of a consignment for all involved parties.

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✨ Improved UI trip list

Our trip list has received an upgrade which results in faster performance and a fresh look and feel. All to make sure that your trips can be monitored just a bit more efficiently and effortlessly.

βš™οΈArrival display now available in API

The arrival & shop display view, which provides continuous insight into ETAs based on current traffic conditions, is now available off the shelf in API format as per latest OTM5 specifications. Both loading and unloading information on a consignment level is available via API.

More about Arrival & Shop Display

🌐 Easier paperless supply chain management

Paperless operations with eCMR are now even easier to attain with the integration of App2Track’s flow via our platform. The Simacan APIs for drivers and location employees provide the backbone for your paperless operations.

More about eCMR >

Updates August 2022


⏰ Asset view: trip execution

Operational planners at carriers (with their own vehicles) can now easily view the realised and estimated start and end times for all trips in the new ‘asset view’. This way they gain visual insight into the effect of delays and early arrivals on planned trips.

πŸ‘· Adaptations to chat functionality

Simacan satellites - carriers who have a joint access to their shippers’ operation(s) - which are consignor or consignee (e.g a producer of a product) for all consignments on a trip are able to view that trip in its entirety from the triplist. The carrier and satellite are able to chat with one another on the trip. Chat participants can be tagged in the chat not only through their role on the trip, but also through their (actor) name (e.g. @name-producer).

Simacan satellite
⚠️ Location capacity alert

Planning and support employees can now be automatically alerted when we expect the loading/unloading capacity of a location to be exceeded due to the arrival of multiple vehicles at the same time. Responding to the new type of alert means overcrowded locations, and thus additional delays and unsafe situations, may be prevented.

🌐 Shareable control tower URLs

Simacan control tower users will be able to share a control tower page with other control tower users, even if they use a different realm. Making it easier to collaborate more effectively.

Simacan control tower
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Updates June 2022


πŸ’¬ Chat with drivers outside an active trip

As Simacan we monitor trips when they are active and data from the FMS is shared. Since chat messages from drivers are by default only visible to the carrier, we now enabled the chat function just outside the active range in this trip view.

More about chat with drivers >

πŸ”Ž New vehicle view in the Simacan platform

Besides the Trips, Exceptions and Consignment views in the Simacan platform, we now have a new Vehicle view. This vehicle view provides a clear overview of all planned vehicles; planning conflicts are easily spotted, available capacity is visible at a glance and filters can be applied. This enables operational planners to optimise asset utilisation and minimize starting delays based on monitoring insights across fleet management systems.

More about consignment view >

πŸ”” Notifications by SMS with Track and Trace-link

Location employees can now be informed (individually) when planning is delayed or not starting as scheduled. While there are many options to inform stakeholders via user interfaces or API's, this new step actively notifies employees by texting them with a track-and-trace link to always have the latest information without the need for a login.

More about arrival displays >
πŸ“¦ Consignment tracking over multiple trips

The Consignment view in the Control Tower will now support more detailed information on how the consignment is being moved from one location to another for example if it is picked by another trip or vehicle. All loading and unloading actions can also be viewed along with cancelled trips or stops.

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⚠️ Improved Last mile restriction view

This is a product improvement specially for operational planners to view and choose the best possible last mile for delivery. Restrictions on different areas are shown on vehicle type, height, width, length of vehicle, trailer length, weight of the vehicle and axle weight. This improvement also supports the project.

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πŸ”– Create your own hashtags in Control Tower

This new feature allows you to create hashtags within the trip chats.The transport managers can hashtag trips with claims or any other important topic and search them later in time. This feature helps to categorise important subjects for future reference. Pre-defined hashtags can also be created by the Simacan team on request. Available for all customers using the Simacan chat API.

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🌐 Multi-language support for the Control Tower

It is now possible to have the control tower in different languages. Easy and quick translations are now supported for all Simacan applications.

πŸ“Š Configure operational dashboards of your choice

Dashboards as per your requirement and business needs can now be set up easily and available in the control tower.

πŸ†• Easy sign-in option via Simacan website

New login button is now available on the Simacan website for easy access to all your simacan applications.

πŸ›°οΈ Subcontractor assignment icon changes

There is small UI improvement on the trips which are subcontracted. The icon has been changed to differentiate subcontracted trips from the trips executed by its own fleet. The icon now shows ‘s’.

ℹ️ Support portal knowledge base

The Simacan support team is now building a knowledge base portal for all customers to view information as required. It is also possible to manage and view raised tickets as required.

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Updates February 2022


πŸ“¦ Consignment View: A Single view on all shipments

This new view is available in the Simacan Control Tower. It gives all stakeholders such as transport planners, shop and facility managers and drivers real-time access to the location of shipments in transit and their estimated time of arrival, regardless of which truck the shipment is in or which journey it is part of. The overview now provides a very complete and detailed insight, in addition to trip information, and therefore even more transparency.

Consignment view

πŸ’¬ Driver chat now available with multiple Fleet Management Systems

Integrations with fleet management devices such as Webfleet, Transics, App2Track, LogiApp and Trimble are now available with the Simacan platform to support the driver chat.

Driver chat

πŸ“Œ Chat on a Zendesk ticket raised within a trip in the Simacan Control Tower

It is now possible to have a conversation on the Zendesk ticket raised from the trip within the Simacan Control Tower. All comments and ticket status history will reflect in both Simacan and Zendesk platforms.

Incident Management integrations
πŸ”₯ Revamped trip filters

With the improved filters on the trip list, the filtering ability becomes even more efficient. Also, there are now more customization options.

Control Tower filters

πŸ“… OTM5 planning enrichments

The OTM5 planning will now support additional information in the planning such as vehicle information, additional driver information and consignor/consignee information as per the customer requirements.


Continuous improvement

We are continuously working on adding more integrations to our existing ecosystem and enriching our platform
even more to have more value for all stakeholders within supply chains.


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