Ahold Delhaize

Using Simacan Control Tower, Ahold Delhaize tracks the goods transported to its supermarkets by external carriers.

Ahold Delhaize supplies its Albert Heijn stores efficiently by giving insight in exact location of trucks

According to their motto Better every day, Ahold Delhaize is continuously undertaking innovative steps to improve its services. Quality and efficiency represent two key-values within Ahold Delhaize Transport.

Every day 25 carriers supply all of the Albert Heijn stores

Ahold Delhaize Transport is a shipper that owns a broad logistic operation but no trucks. The trucks driving daily between the distribution centers and the stores belong to 25 different carriers. Among the carriers, several Transport Management Systems are used.

Unlocking data from different TMS systems

According to Ahold Delhaize, efficiency can only be achieved through cooperation within the logistic supply chain. This is why a joint overview of the operational planning with all carriers is an absolute necessity.

Simacan Control Tower within Ahold Delhaize

  • daily positions of 1000+ truck journeys in the Netherlands and Belgium visualized on map
  • 13 carriers, each connected via its own TMS
  • 1000+ stores see ETAs of incoming deliveries
  • ETAs are calculated 1/min, based on real-time traffic information

The need for Ahold Delhaize was a Track & Trace system. A real-time overview of all the various carriers’ trucks would help inform the stores effectively.

All deliveries to the Albert Heijn supermarkets of Ahold Delhaize are part of a streamlined process. In the supermarkets, new stocks are immediately unpacked and placed on the shelves. By knowing the expected delivery time in advance, the store managers can more efficiently activate the shelf stockers. They can quickly start unloading the products to place them in the store.

Before Ahold Delhaize was using Simacan Control Tower, the store manager had to call the colleagues from the planning office for clarifications on any occurring truck delays. Ahold Delhaize Transport evaluated that the stores could work more effectively if the arrival times of the trucks would be proactively communicated.

When will the next truck arrive?

Attending to the daily needs of the store managers represented a complex task, since Ahold Delhaize works with 25 different carriers. On the market, there is quite a variety of Transport Management Systems of on-board computers and planning software available. Ahold Delhaize Transport wanted to see the data from all the different TMS systems in one single view. To make this integration, Ahold Delhaize chose Simacan Control Tower.

Create an integrated overview of your carriers

The solution of Simacan seamlessly interfaces with the different existing Transport Management Systems, and enriches them with additional real-time traffic information.

Simacan proposed to use resources that were already available. The simplicity as well as the pragmatism of such a solution immediately caught Ahold Delhaize’s interest.

A combination of existing public and commercial data

A Transport Management System consists of on-board computers supplying data with the current position of the trucks. By connecting the truck positions to the store locations and the planning, Simacan Control Tower shows the trucks’ status on the map. Also, for each truck, the estimated time of arrival is calculated, taking in account detailed real-time traffic data.

When looking at Simacan Control Tower, Albert Heijn planners see an overview of all the trucks and their estimated arrival times. Such information is shared by Albert Heijn with its store personnel as well as the carriers.

Simacan Control Tower

  • provides access to data from a variety of TMS-solutions
  • combines sources: truck positions, store locations, planning, up to date traffic information
  • shows positions and routes of trucks on a map
  • calculates ETAs 1/min for all vehicles based on real-time traffic information
  • predicts ETAs for all future stops based on traffic forecasts
  • informs stores on the ETA of each delivery
“A solution brilliant in its simplicity”

“Rob Schuurbiers of Simacan told me: ‘you should combine public and commercial data’ and showed me an example with trains. I found it brilliant in its simplicity.”
“So I asked: ‘Can you unlock information from a carrier as quickly?’ One week later, Rob showed me that he fully integrated the operation of one of the carriers, Peter Appel Transport, in Simacan Control Tower.”

Mark van der Drift
Senior Director, Ahold Delhaize Transport

The result of Simacan Control Tower is the overview of the operational planning. Ahold Delhaize is using the emerging insight to increase its efficiency.

Efficiency is an important goal for Ahold Delhaize. Paperless workflow decreases the number of transactions in the supply chain. The decrease in transactions results in a costs reduction for both Ahold Delhaize Transport and the carriers. The journeys made digitally accessible in Simacan Control Tower have allowed Ahold Delhaize to further optimize its cooperation with the carriers.

Trucks spend 7% of their travel time in traffic jams

In the supermarkets, the shelf stockers already anticipate deliveries arriving either too early or too late. They use the information from Simacan Control Tower to organise their work accordingly.
However, there are more possibilities to deal with delays: According to Ahold Delhaize, truck drivers spend 7% of their travel time stuck in traffic jams. One way of improving the situation is letting the trucks drive outside the rush hours. Simacan Control Tower shows the presence of congestions and their impact on the planning. This information facilitates a more effective deployment of the whole fleet.
Simacan Control Tower gives insight into the executed journeys. This yields an extra incentive for a more efficient cooperation between Ahold Delhaize Transport and the carriers.

Get insight into your transport operations

The future plans of Ahold Delhaize are characterized by innovative collaborations. Initiatives are fueled by the new insight in the operational planning brought by Simacan Control Tower.

Simacan Control Tower has provided Ahold Delhaize Transport with a working platform. The pragmatic nature of the solution created by Simacan has immediately excited anyone seeing it. Not only colleagues from within Albert Heijn, but also professionals from other companies and organizations, among which the government, have been excited about Simacan Control Tower.

Applied Data Visualization

For fuel-saving solutions such as platooning, Simacan Control Tower provides insight into the use of the infrastructure. The data on the movements of multiple carriers can easily be visualized on a map. Thus, one can see at a glance which highway trajectories are potentially interesting for combining trucks into platooning convoys.

Efficiency through cooperation within the supply chain

According to Ahold Delhaize, benefits can be achieved in cooperation with several parties in the logistics and transport sectors. The more shippers and carriers use Simacan Control Tower, the more knowledge is accumulated, and the more efficiency can be improved.

“Focus on cooperation”

“The live overview enables management by exception. This is useful. For example in Belgium, where drivers are not allowed to unload after closing time. Nowadays, if a store manager sees that another supermarket is planned after them in the schedule, she will make sure that enough personnel is available. They will help unloading the goods, so that the next supermarket can also be supplied in time.”

Janneke Nijsing
Consultant, Ahold Delhaize Transport

Ahold Delhaize – on track with its ambitions, and thanks to the cooperation between all the parties involved – uses Simacan Control Tower to take daily steps in making the transportation to the stores more efficient.