Uses Simacan Traffic Cast to easily access, edit and publish traffic information.

How does ANWB Traffic Information advise millions of drivers daily?

Broadcasting current and complete traffic information every minute on dozens of different media channels? The oldest provider of mobility services, ANWB, does this daily for all people en route in the Netherlands.

The editors of ANWB use Simacan Traffic Cast to combine and enrich traffic information from a wide variety of data sources and distribute it to millions of users. At home, at work or on the road.

ANWB Traffic Information

  • radio broadcasts every 15 minutes during rush hour
  • on Radio 1,2,3,4, BNR Nieuwsradio, Veronica, Qmusic, SkyRadio, SublimeFM
  • total of 105 national and regional radio stations
  • traffic messages on national news websites and
  • news on Dutch Teletext
  • alerts via navigation systems
  • mobile app by ANWB

ANWB at a glance

  • Royal Dutch Touring Club
  • 4.3 million members
  • oldest mobility service provider in the Netherlands


ANWB needs traffic information that is local and up to date.

Local sources

Traffic information is only relevant when the user’s space and time coordinates overlap with the broadcasted incident. Locally relevant messages are what makes traffic broadcasts usable and applicable for the user during their trip. The ANWB publishes local traffic news for regional broadcasters. Navigation systems receive traffic alerts from the ANWB about traffic jams and incidents occurring in their proximity area.

Up-to-date reports

It is very important that knowledge of local events is collected timely by ANWB. After all, traffic situations change rapidly. When a driver enters traffic jam which is forming, advice is already too late. A detour around the congestion is no longer possible. Only with current traffic information can road users be correctly informed.

“Relevant advice”

“‘Chance of black ice on roads across the region.’ is not sufficient information. A driver on the road wants to know exactly where on her route the road is slippery.”

Arnoud Broekhuis
Manager, ANWB Traffic Information


Simacan Traffic Cast combines traffic information from multiple sources.
Combination of sources. No single source exhaustively describes the situation on the road. Therefore, the ANWB traffic editors use several data providers. The offerings vary per data source, for example in coverage. All the information is collected in Simacan Traffic Cast.

Messages compiled automatically

Together, the sources provide complete and detailed information. A double notification about the same congestion is automatically combined by Simacan Traffic Cast. Into one composite message.

The story behind the traffic

The ANWB Traffic editors are specialized in enriching the traffic information. To add the story behind the traffic jams, the editorial staff has extra sources available: expected delay time, causes of incidents, planned roadworks, and weather reports.

The latest traffic news

The broadcasters edit the traffic messages directly to add the backgrounds. The edited messages are saved in a format that is ready for export, for example to navigation systems. During radio broadcasts, the editors read the current news immediately from Simacan Traffic Cast.


Easy distribution of complete and current traffic information.

Easy access, editing and broadcasting

The ANWB has all traffic sources available with Simacan Traffic Cast. The broadcasters add their expertise with no effort by editing the traffic messages.

Publication takes place within the same interface. Until the last moment, the news readers can update the traffic reports in the studio. Distribution channels like websites, navigation systems and apps are linked directly

“Traffic Information just got better”

“Simacan Traffic Cast offers us many more sources deserving our attention. This has improved the traffic information we broadcast.”

Edwin Gerritsen
Traffic News Reader, ANWB Traffic Information

Towards more personalization

In the future, the ANWB will give increasingly personalized advice. Via apps, travelers on the road will receive customized route advice that is tailored to their situation. Simacan facilitates in this increasing demand with the flexible supply of complete and current traffic information from an unlimited number of sources in Simacan Traffic Cast.