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You drive, we manage. Your drivers receive en-route guidance and safety warnings. Smart route information enables drivers to avoid obstacles such as road closures and diversions. Furthermore, keeping their eyes firmly on the road reduces accidents and damage. In the meantime, consumers know exactly when their deliveries will arrive so they can make sure they are at home to receive them.

With Simacan last mile guidance one can draw first and last mile routes from locations such as distribution centers, shops and hubs and manage detailed geofences around these locations. Powerful insights like heatmaps of actual stop detections are present to tweak your individual assets to better fit the actual situation resulting in more accurate output. Assist drivers with active guidance on their first and last mile to your locations. Simply draw the most efficient and safe routes in the Simacan Control Tower and we’ll send it to their onboard navigation!

Yes. Simacan has very strict regulations regarding all data usage. Simacan is ISO 27001 certified and solely uses cloud infrastructure hosted within the EU. Our services comply with EU data protection and privacy regulations. If you have any questions about this please contact our security compliance officer through customer support. Or check our 'security & privacy' section on this website.

The Open Trip Model (OTM) is an open source data sub-model, or simpler: a dictionary for sharing logistics data. It was introduced by Simacan to make data sharing more simpler between organisations working with logistic data in the supply chain. For more information check:

The Simacan arrival monitor or display which is used on locations where goods are distributed such as shops, distribution centers or hubs. The monitor shows information like the estimated time to arrival / ETA of a certain delivery or truck. All this so that your staff is informed exactly when a transport arrives. For example, information such as dock number, quantities of containers KW, fresh, frozen or tobacco can also be displayed.

Yes, Simacan is safe to use, we are ISO 27001 certified. For more information read our security section on the website.

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Yes. Simacan is an open supplier independent platform. 

Simacan platform is a smart transport execution platform which will make you help make better decissions. Whether this is pre-trip, on-trip our post-trip, the data coming out of our platform will help you on many stages and levels. Starting at a very practical & functional level and ending at high level strategic decisison making. 

Yes. Fill in the request form for a free demo on our website and we wil contact you as soon as possible.

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- Real-time transport information and communication.
- Fast and secure digital cooperation with, and between, transport companies and shippers.
- Analyze your fleet data and optimize transport operations to make it smarter.
- Easily integrated into your primary operation to support the way you work.
- Receive automatic updates and configurable alerts when service levels are at risk.
- Adjust execution in real-time.
- Enlighten your customers with exact arrival times: Share updates via dashboard, email, sms and instant messaging.
- Efficient transport: Vehicle lost hours are reduced.
- Automatically analyzing impact of traffic and manage accordingly.
- Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks.
- Track performance.
- All Simacan's solutions are hosted in the Cloud, offering several benefits:

- mission-critical uptime (up to 99.99%)
- platform and OS independency
- managed software updates
- scalable system performance
- no maintenance costs

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No, it's an addition to your existing TMS.

See also FAQ 'What are the benefits of Simacan?'

- Achieve operational excellence by analyzing and optimizing your delivery process, thus saving money.
- Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks beforehand.
- Vehicle lost hours are reduced.
- Because our services are hosted in the Cloud, NO maintenance costs.

See also FAQ: 'What are the benefits of Simacan?

Simacan supports the exchange of planning and track & trace data with most Transport Management Systems (TMS). Please contact us for more information.

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TMS/FMS for location data and planning data.

Simacan is an open and supplier independent cloud platform for digital collaboration in transport logistics. The Simacan platform enables all companies in the supply chain of road freight transportation to collaborate digitally with each other in order to optimize their delivery process.


One in four shipments today do not reach the intended recipient within scheduled time, deliveries are too late or incomplete. Whereas customer and societal demands are getting ever-higher, the sector’s capacity to deliver is getting increasingly smaller. Individuals and businesses expect to get goods faster, more flexible, with higher reliability, predictability and at low cost. At the same time, accessibility of inner-city areas is more and more restricted (i.e. window times; green zones) and congestion in urban areas where over 80% of all deliveries take place is exacerbating.

Simacan is useful for a wide variety of companies in retail, e-commerce, and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), where timeliness and predictability is essential.

The Simacan platform unlocks the power of traffic management and 'management by exception' for a transport execution operation. Planners gain real-time insight into the current status of the transport operation and can use powerful tools to proactively adjust and notify internally and externally where necessary.

The costs for our SaaS service are based on the number of unique “Stops” delivered to and processed by the Simacan platform.

The Simacan Control Tower is part of the Simacan platform, to be precise; it is the execution interface or user interface where you can monitor and manage your transport fleet.

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