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Discover the benefits of Simacan by using it. Request a free demo today! What can you expect from a Simacan demo:

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Growing need for overview and insight

bloomon does not have its own fleet but uses a partner network. From different Hubs, consisting of external transport companies and courier services, the door-to-door deliveries are arranged in the relevant region. Coordination and customer service take place centrally from the head office of bloomon.

Intuitive solutions

Falko Dobbe, Global Head of Logistics at bloomon: “With the growth of bloomon, we increasingly needed an overview and up-to-date insight into the logistics process. We were looking for an intuitive solution, because the success stands or falls with the use on the shop floor. On the one hand, I mean our agents at Customer Support, who maintain close contact with the Hubs and speak to our customers. On the other hand, there are drivers - every week there are 600 to 700 drivers on the road for us. They have a car and a smartphone; we wanted to offer them a standardized solution. "

bloomon entered into discussions with several parties and opted for the Simacan Control Tower in combination with App2Track - an android / iOS app that drivers can use on their mobile phones.

Real-time information provides clarity

At the Bloomon headquarters, the route schedules for the various Hubs are prepared in the Simacan Control Tower. The hub managers log in, see specifically for their own Hub which journeys they must arrange and assign them to drivers. The drivers receive their orders via App2Track, can be followed in real-time during their journeys and make delivery notifications in the app.

Sophie Calicher, Team Lead Customer Support at bloomon: “If customers used to call with the question 'Where are my flowers?', That meant a lot of calling back and forth with the relevant hub manager, who had to get hold of his driver again. . That could be pretty hectic. "

simacan Succes stories

Ordering groceries online became easier. Customers know exactly what time they should be home and no longer have to wait for the delivery man.

Coen Schl├╝ter, Senior Manager Delivery & PickUpPoint at Ahold Delhaize
‘The devil is in the detail’
Step-by-step transition

Sophie Calicher: “We had strong wishes about the way we wanted to work with the system and we tested step by step. We then also moved step by step; we first worked in a fixed group of agents on the Control Tower and later expanded this within the entire team. It was nice to see how quickly people picked it up. The system speaks for itself and is visually very clear. "

Request a free demo

Discover the benefits of Simacan by using it. Request a free demo today! What can you expect from a simacan demo: