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Ontdek de voordelen van Simacan

Ontdek de voordelen van Simacan voor uw eigen organisatie. Vraag direct een gratis demo aan! Wat u kunt verwachten van de gratis Simacan demo:

  • Een uitleg van alle functies die aansluiten bij de specifieke wensen van uw team.
  • Deskundig advies van onze consultanten en antwoord op al uw vragen.
  • Een prijsindicatie op basis van uw specifieke wensen.
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simacan Succes stories

“Once our truck drivers had left the distribution centre, we literally had no idea where they were. Therefore, we decided to invest in optimizing our planning and gaining maximum supply chain visibility. We use Simacan’s Control Tower to monitor all the trips and also for all the associated communication. Besides that, we use a central advanced planning & scheduling (APS) system from Quintiq. Between them, those two systems give us optimal support – from strategic planning all the way through to the actual trips.” 

Alberdine van Velzen, Manager Supply Chain Planning at Jumbo

"Ordering groceries online became easier. Customers know exactly what time they should be home and no longer have to wait for the delivery man."

Coen Schl├╝ter, Senior Manager Delivery & PickUpPoint at Ahold Delhaize