When using Simacan for your e-CMR solutions, you can make your supply chain process more transparent and efficient. A digital consignment note helps to reduce paper-intensive administration. Which means: reducing costs, less error proneness and increasing transport efficiency. All this in context with the real-time status of your entire supply chain.

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  • With Simacan it's easy to achieve a paperless supply chain. A paperless transport operation for safe, damage-free and fully communicated delivery of shipments.
  • With Simacans solution for digital CMR documents you create 100% transparency in your supply chain. e-CMR provides a deepdive into consignment level details of your planned, ongoing and completed trips.
  • Reduction of administrative costs with faster and more accurate invoicing.

Most beneficial for:

Planning & Support teams

eCMRs show the real-time and formal status of a shipment during trip execution. Using real-time information via eCMRs, planners and support teams can manage and adjust exceptions such as damage or delays more efficiently immediately;

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Business Analysts

With e-CMRs, analysts can view and analyse post-trip data to identify supply chain bottlenecks at trip or consignment level. Analysis of information such as operational delays, combined with freight exchange observations, helps improve administration and the overall supply chain process.


Correct and up-to-date information is available for invoicing the transport to the customer, without duplicating the driver’s administrative efforts. Vehicle data combined with planning information provide an up-to-date digital freight document, available for the driver.

Shop Managers

Shop managers can get shipment-level details on the status of expected goods and prepare in advance for storage and returns. e-CMR provides specific information on the items to be returned.

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Main capabilities of eCMR via Simacan


Work with digital freight documents of different providers

Create, assign, share and view your digital CMR document in the context of a trip. Simacan maintains the link between individual waybills. Even for documents originating from different providers and showing the status in the context of the entire trip.

Data in sync

Simacan combines data from planning, warehouse, TMS, FMS, your eCMR and your partner’s eCMR systems to provide a single view of the same synchronised data to all parties working together on the trip execution.

Real time monitoring

Manage and apply exceptions to your loads immediately. Exceptions during transport execution are flagged instantly when a digital CMR does not match the handling conditions, expected timing or progress of the trip.

Updates from CMR partners

Automatically receive consistent information in Simacans digital consignment note as comments, seal numbers or temperatures, as made by users of these digital freight documents.

eCMR updates in Simacans arrival & shop displays

Get full visibility of all the latest updates to your digital consignment note. Via the arrival & shop displays, everyone at a loading/unloading location knows to be ready digitally.

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Customer success stories

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eCMR integration in Simacan

Using the Simacan Control Tower or Command Center makes it easy to integrate with your eCMR provider and those of your supply chain partners. In fact, Simacan makes it easy to work with different types of digital CMR, regardless of the system the consignment note was created in.


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