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Realised Trip Service

Maximise your analysis possibilities on the trips. The data from Simacan Control Tower gives you the opportunity to learn from past trips, improve future transports and optimise your administrative processes.

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  • Complete flexibility to store, process and analyse all trip data from Simacan Control Tower in combination with existing data in your own environment;
  • 100% digital administration by Realised Trip Service. Assurance of your administrative processes by correct invoicing of different clients based on actual time spent instead of planned estimates;
  • Access to the most recently completed trip data in the form of multi-level data offerings - from csv files to api links to contextual data.

Most beneficial for:

Business Analysts

Get all the details from realised trips to fill your BI data lake for further analysis that meets all your needs. You can also gain cross-data insights by combining trip data with data from other sources to create new insights and data flows.

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IT Managers

Standardised interface to get started. We offer all information through an interface based on OTM, the leading open standard for the exchange of logistics data.

By using OTM (Open Trip Model), logistics IT systems can communicate with each other and correctly interpret each other's messages, without the need for customised links.

Supply Chain Manager

Improve your transport operations with your own analysis and actionable insights, enriched with detailed information of all your realised trips.

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Core capabilities

All data you need to analyse and improve your transport operation


Improve timeliness and satisfaction

Full analysis, with endless flexibility, of the timeliness of your deliveries allows you to move towards even greater predictability for your customers.

Reduce lead times

Analyse your stop data to gain insight in location-specific (un)loading times. Observe outliers and be spot-on with your improvements.

Optimise fleet performance

Gain insight into the execution of cross sections of your fleets and trips, for specific stop patterns or vehicles, to optimise execution performance.

Improve the invoicing flow between carrier and shipper

Use all trip data for thorough processing, improving the reconciliation process with your customer or client.


Customer success stories

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With Realised Trip Service, it is easy to receive all completed trip details on an API or a CSV file, for storage in your own environment that you can further use for your analysis.



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