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Satellite for Carriers

Bring transparency to your logistic operations with Simacan’s Satellite. With the data from Simacan Control Tower, as a single source of truth, shippers and carriers have the ability to learn from past trips, improve future transport operations and optimise all administrative processes.

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Simacan solution
  • Strengthen communication with customers, drivers and others parties in the transport operation;
  • Discover key insights, monitor performance and apply even more trends throughout your transport operation;
  • Enrich your administrative processes to make data-driven decisions;
  • Deliver a perfect last mile experience to your customers with 100% operational efficiency;

Most beneficial for:

Office teams

Easily communicate and handle in-time requests with the operational managers of shippers, while maintaining contact with other carriers involved in the transport operation.

While monitoring trips and stops, it is easy to notify other stakeholders of updates or follow-ups within the Simacan Control Tower when necessary. 

For example: messages can be sent to @shippper or @carrier. All communication is done and logged in the context of a trip, to maintain uniformity for future references.


Drivers can send standard or customised messages, depending on the circumstances, and receive an immediate response without having to queue or use additional displays.

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Customer Support

It saves customer service staff time taking countless calls on a daily basis. Most corresponding queries can be answered by sending automatic and standard messages.

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Business Analysts

Receive all details of trips made. This allows you to fill your BI data lake: for further analysis suiting your needs and wishes to identify improvement opportunities. It is also possible to obtain cross-data insights to create new insights and data flows, by combining trip details with data from other sources.


Administrative team

Secure your administrative and invoicing processes by sending correct invoices to your various customers based on actual time spent rather than planned estimates.

It is easy to set up claims on completed trips for the shippers. The unique trip number associated with each claim contributes to easy and quick action in your administrative processes. Subsequent action from your customer will be possible as you and the shipper collaborate on shared, high quality trip data.

Each request can be accepted, declined or amended by the shipper, keeping everything in the context of the trip and making the claim reporting process fully transparent.

Stakeholders satelites


Core capabilities


Chat with Office Teams

Chat with your customers in the context of the trip or stop. All communication is recorded in the activity log at trip or stop level. This therefore always acts as a single source of truth for all reference checks.

Chat with Drivers

Communicate with drivers by mentioning (@driver..) them within trips. Prioritise certain messages to ensure that important messages receive immediate attention over general announcements.

Use Reports

Access the most recently completed trip data in the form of multi-level data such as csv files, API links and contextual data.

Claim Handling

Save cost and time when reporting claims with shorter turnaround times, on actions taken and when accepting claims from your customers.


A single data hub to monitor, control and analyse all trip operations. Easily identify and assign trips to subcontractors.

Full Fleet Visibility

A holistic overview of all assets deployed on trips, together with assets to which no trips have been assigned.


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