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Optimise your driver’s real-time communication with all stakeholders in the delivery ecosystem to achieve a more efficient communication process.

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  • 80% reduction in phone calls to Customer Support leading to fewer back office trip handing efforts;
  • 80% reduction in waiting times for Drivers, leading to greater efficiency in trip executions;
  • 30% more cost savings through timely communication, leading to better exception management for the Planning & Support Teams.

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Via the Simacan Control Tower shippers can send messages on trip or stop level and communicate with the carrier. It is also possible to communicate with drivers on-trip to ensure on-time deliveries or manage exception.

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The carriers can choose to receive messages from the shippers and communicate with the drivers or allow shippers to communicate directly with the driver. Carriers can independently use Simacan Control Tower to monitor and track their transport operation and streamline all communications.

Planning & Support teams

Saves time when taking numerous calls on a daily basis. Most questions of similar nature can be answered by sending standardised messages.


Drivers can send standard or customised messages, depending on the circumstances, and get an immediate response without queuing.

Two-way communication in transport operations


Core capabilities


Predefined message library

To make communication more efficient, predefined messages can be configured in the different systems and used by drivers, operational managers and planners to communicate with each other at trip level or stop level.

Priority and notification

Messages, sent within the transport operation, can be marked with high or low priority to ensure a reaction or immediate attention to messages.
A high priority message may be sent in case of delay, emergency or schedule change. A low priority message may be sent for a general announcement, weather forecast or departure notification.

Categorise your communication

For easy categorisation of communication channels, hashtags can be used, for example #claim #delay #planning. Messages can later be filtered by these hashtags and checked for quality measures.

Mention the right people

Use a @-sign in front of a shipper or a carrier or a driver to notify the right person in the operation of an information request, agreement or completion. This ensures that communication is streamlined and answered by the right person at the right time.

Visibility at trip and stop level

With the activity logs storing all communication at trip or a stop level, stakeholders can check all actions taken place in the past and take quality measures without having to call each department individually.


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With Simacan Control Tower it is easy to connect to one of the apps to enable two-way communication between drivers and operational managers of shippers and carriers.



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