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Time Distance Matrix

Optimise your planning by taking better account of expected traffic intensity and disruptive situations, not only by day, but also by date and even by 5 minutes. With the Time-Distance Matrix, or TD Matrix, we give you the opportunity to fine-tune your planning by using highly accurate driving times taking into account detailed traffic situations.

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  • Full insight into route information between all locations, leading to detailed and realistic planning for all upcoming trips;
  • Accurate insight into the estimated driving times of your entire fleet;
  • Designed to help planning systems minimise time spent in traffic jams.

Most beneficial for:

Transport Planners

Planners can optimise operations and make the most accurate transportation planning by adding traffic insights and state-of-the-art travel times to their advanced planning systems.

Specific routing for certain locations can also be incorporated into the planning, taking into account first or last miles.

TD Matrix fluctuation in travel times

Shop, Hub & DC Employees

Shop, Hub and DC employees can expect better timeliness from more realistic operational planning, resulting in an improved customer experience.

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IT Managers

TD Matrix offers full automation, which means no manual intervention is required for updated locations due to automated re-generation of changes.

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Core capabilities

TD Matrix tailored for your transport operation



The TD Matrix is automatically generated for all the locations you have available on the Simacan Platform. All you have to do is keep your locations up-to-date.

Check out our blog 'Scrupulous calculations ensure better planning of the transport process' for more background information on the TD Matrix.

Location ID’s

Because you want to use the TD Matrix in your planning system environment, you will want to use location IDs that are recognisable for your planning system. In addition to your specific location ID, we also support standards such as GLN-ID.

First and last miles

If you have specific restrictions on driving to or from certain locations, you can add first and last miles to each location. These will then be included in the calculation of your travel times and distances.

Vehicle profile

We will discuss with you the vehicle profile that best suits your fleet so that you have the most accurate routes and travel times in the TD Matrix.


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By using the Simacan Control Tower it is easy to enrich your advanced planning system with state-of-the-art travel times via the TD matrix.



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