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Transport Asset Status

Our view of your assets makes it easy to relate your trucks, trailers or drivers to trip and shipments or consignment perspectives. Provides insights at a glance by showing and highlighting planned versus actual status.

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  • Execution management from the familiar perspective of a plan board;
  • Realtime status of your assets, fully aligned and with the same data as the trip list and Shipment Status;
  • Realisations and real-time ETA’s incorporated in utilisation monitoring;
  • Planning conflicts are highlighted thus easy noticeable;
  • Easy access to trip details in one click.

Most beneficial for:

Carriers & Shippers

The Transport Asset Status provides both carriers and shippers with a planboard-like overview of subsequent trips for all their planned assets, both internal and third-party. Third party delivery providers or hired assets are seamlessly managed like a natural extension of your business.

Transport Asset Status screenshot

Planning & Support

Planners in charge of dispatching can see real-time time buffers. Capacity can be monitored in one view, across systems, parties, and with both current and historical traffic taken into account. Existing tools in the Control Tower support follow-up by changing vehicle assignment, the planning, or communication to the relevant shippers, carriers, drivers, or clients.

Stakeholders for the transport asset view


Core capabilities


Intelligent monitoring

Real-time planning deviations and its implications for consecutive trips are visible in one glance. The Transport Asset Status monitors the execution and highlights conflicts per vehicle.

Unified view

Seamlessly manage logistics providers by bringing together different fleets on one platform with one view. As a logistics provider for these transport operations you get complete access to this view of your deployed assets.

Improve asset related insights

Full visibility of your operation across planning and fleet management systems enables insights for further optimisation. The Transport Asset Status enables up-to-date insights in a collaborative supply chain.

Optimise delivery operations

When planning deviations happen, you can clearly see when assets become (unexpectedly) available or conflicting asset allocations arise. This allows you to act immediately and increase your delivery capacity. Conflicts are marked and can be solved with an adjusted planning or a different vehicle allocation. Insight into unallocated assets allows you to accept last-minute transport orders or suggest additional activities (e.g. refuelling, breaks, etc.).


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Get the insights from planning, transport (TMS) or fleet management systems (FMS) via dedicated links, APIs or CSV files. Integration possibilities are numerous, but if you need more detailed information or have a question, please contact us.


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