Arrival & Shop Displays

Optimise your daily operations with arrival and shop displays. Make sure that all parties in the transport operation are aware of the exact arrival times of your deliveries, any delays or additional delivery notes that need to be taken care of, in distribution centres or shops.

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  • Increased insight into the exact arrival times of deliveries, leading to optimal deployment of resources;
  • Improved visibility of up-to-date planning, leading to fewer phone calls between shop and hub employees to communicate expected deliveries;
  • Increased efficiency in operational planning and 100% support in real time adjustments leading to increased predictability of your local deliveries.
Hub and DC Supervisors

Through the Arrival displays, the supervisors can systematically plan the full availability of hub employees when peak times are expected and ensure that teams can take coffee breaks when they are not available.

arrival-shop display_week view.png

Shop or hub/DC employees

The warehouse staff responsible for unloading the truck and filling the shelves in the supermarket can ensure that no time is wasted waiting for trucks in case of delays compared to the scheduled time of arrival. They can be ready exactly when the truck arrives.

Arrival - Shop Display_Late notification

Shop Managers

It's easy to log into the arrival display system to see which deliveries are scheduled, what time the goods are due to arrive, and how many containers of ambient, fresh, frozen or tobacco products will be received. Shop Managers can see the real-time status of the trucks arriving at their store and receive an immediate notification if a delivery is behind or ahead of schedule.

Arrival display_mobile-store manager.jpg

Stakeholders for Arrival and Shop displays


Core Capabilities

Unlock the perspective of your locations


Create insights for your locations

Continuous insight into arrival and departure times based on current traffic conditions, wherever you are, at your desk or on the road at your location, improving predictability for your local operation.

Improve asset utilisation

Knowing what to expect at your location and when allows you to manage and prioritise peaks, resulting in better utilisation of trucks and other assets by reducing waiting times.

Improve communication

At an early stage, your locations know what deliveries to expect (quantity and type of goods) which contributes to the predictability of ordered goods. Centralised communication reduces confusion and keeps all stakeholders aligned.

Optimise workforce planning

Timely information about expected transports provides the opportunity to optimise staff planning and ensure that the team is prepared when needed or takes a break when possible, on a daily basis or even a week in advance.


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With the Simacan Control Tower in place, it's easy to set up an arrival display.

What we need from you:
  • Appearance preferences
  • Your location details
  • Your grouping addresses

What we provide:

  • URL for your devices / displays
  • UI for user management
  • Tailored location view
  • Extra communication option to location groups in the Control Tower

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