Shipment Status

The Shipment Status is a detailed view on consignment or shipment level seen across trips and locations of your supply chain. We provide pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip overviews for shippers relating all their own orders. With this view they are able to share insights into their consignments to third parties (3PL) including order information, load & unloading times and ETAs based on the actual traffic situation.

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  • Full visibility into all your relevant consignments;
  • Instant and easy search & sorting;
  • Realisation and real-time ETA’s incorporated in utilisation monitoring;
  • Makes Less than full Truck Load (LTL) or Groupage transport possible;
  • Ideal for 3PL / TPL (third-party logistics).

Most beneficial for:

Shipper & Carrier

With this consignment overview manufacturers and hauliers have full visibility and realtime insights across the supply chain into their own transport orders that are assigned to logistic service providers. Including consignments that have been outsourced to different carriers.

Shipment Status - consignment based view in the control tower

Planning & support at Carrier

Planners within the supply chain network all have an overview of the realtime data that's allowed and relevant to them.

Location Manager / End Customer

As receivers of goods, locations have realtime insight into the status of their ordered goods and they can see the exact ETA of their goods.

beneficiaries shipment status


Core capabilities


Consignment-based sharing

Enables easy monitoring for LTL or groupage. If real-time monitoring has always been key, this feature provides a new opportunity to move to carrier-planned trips. One planned, real-time and realised truth for all parties related to a specific consignment.

Monitoring across trips

To track and measure deliveries, ideal for manufacturers that are involved with just the initial pickup or an end customer involved with just the final delivery in a supply chain.

Relations between trips

Monitor all trips in relation to each other, room for delays are shown and mismatches in planning are highlighted thus easily visible. This works across different carriers, locations or partially planned trips.

A list of consignments

Besides a trip and transport asset view, you can now manage from a consignment point of view. The same view is available for your customers' planners for their own shipments. Filterable on fixed information like carrier, sender (consignor) or recipient (consignee) and dynamic information like execution state or ETA.


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The Shipment Status is available within the Simacan Control Tower but can also be used as a separate view.


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