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Enable interactive deliveries and visibility into shipments with a fully customisable user experience to enrich communication with your end user.

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  • Full control and 100% visibility into customer communications;
  • 50% reduction in phone calls to customer support agents leading to increased cost savings;
  • 100% customer satisfaction by solving out of time deliveries through improved planning.

Most beneficial for:

Customer Service employees

The portal provides the customer with an accurate ETA and transparency on order status, resulting in less customer service contact. Customer service can also view the photo of deliveries for quality measures.

POD in Control Tower


Through a direct and interactive link with the end customer, the driver receives real-time updates of the customer’s wishes. The driver can respond according to the customer’s instructions or upload a photo as proof of delivery, resulting in more successful deliveries.


The end customers can always track their shipments through the portal. In case of deviations from planned deliveries, the customer immediately receives the new delivery time in the portal. Customers can add delivery notes and view “proof of delivery’ information. For example when goods are delivered to the neighbours.

Track & Trace portal for end customers

Stakeholders Track & Trace portal


Core capabilities


Seamless communication with customers

Inform customers with live updates about the arrival of shipments and changes in delivery times via Simacan’s track & trace portal. Time windows can be set per customer, depending on the type of transport operation, ranging from 15 minutes to one hour.

Interactive delivery

Customers can give real-time delivery instructions to the driver so that the driver can anticipate their wishes. From the perspective of the carrier, end customer or a delivery service, a photo can be uploaded by the driver after delivery of the goods as proof of delivery.

Less customer support

End users gain full visibility into the delivery process, reducing customer service contact. Proof of delivery, information or photos of the driver are immediately available to the customer in the track and trace portal.

Simacan’s Control Tower ensures that the ETA to the end customer is recalculated every minute. If a change affects the previously specified time slot, this is adjusted and communicated directly to the customer.

Added marketing value

The portal is the point of interaction with the end customer, allowing personalised ads to be shown based on past trends. These result in a long-term subscription or a repeat purchase by the end customer.


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With Simacan Track and Trace Portal in place, it is easy to get custom branding and integration with existing systems and devices from a mixed fleet perspective.



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