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Working with a variety of carriers and multiple deliveries per day can be complex and challenging. It all starts with overview.

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On-time deliveries

You run a complex supply chain operation where timing is essential. Every day, you lead a fleet of your own or chartered vehicles going from warehouses, distribution centres, hubs and depots to customers, retailers or even consumers’ homes. You want to be in control and manage everything from start to finish, including the ability to adjust the operation in real time.

Keeping everyone informed

Simacan allows you to get a grip on your communication flow. If the route changes, there is a traffic incident or other delay, everyone involved in the transport operation is notified – whether they are the transport planner at their desk, the driver of the truck, the staff at the retail store or the consumer at home.

Gain more insights

Supply chain operations can be intensive and complex. Whether you run your own trucks or a chartered fleet, you want to minimize the cost per delivery. With your transport operation running on Simacan, you get the most out of your business intelligence over time. The amount of transport capacity you need, the average time per stop, waiting times and re-routing – these are all potentially game-changing factors in the mix.

Simacan Success Stories

With Simacan, bloomon improves the quality of its planning and is able to serve clients even more flexibly. In cooperation with App2Track, Simacan has digitised the entire delivery process of the inbound bouquet delivery and provided real-time insight.

"Already solved at least half of all off-time deliveries. That makes money and more importantly: happy customers."

Falko Dobbe, Global Head of Logistics at bloomon
Simacan Success stories

PostNL Transport uses Simacan for the real-time operational monitoring of their transport between warehouses, sorting centers and large customers. In the control room, planners have an overview of the positions of their own and charter vehicles, in relation to the current planning and traffic situation.

"Simacan Control Tower gives us a real-time overview of both our own fleet and charter vehicles."

Pieter Lemstra, Director Cargo Services Benelux & Transport the Netherlands at PostNL

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