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We believe that the future of transport is based on real-time data exchange. Efficient planning and execution should result in fewer trucks and trips, less pollution, better driver safety and happier employees and customers.

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Accurate planning

When it comes to the detailed planning of your staff, trucks, drivers and other resources, Simacan does the job for you. Receive proactive notifications whenever you fail to meet  your service level criteria. The platform finds you the best last-mile route and automatically detects arrival times. You can rely on the safest, quickest and most accurate routes, ensuring well-stocked shelves and happy customers.

System connectivity

We’re able to link existing IT systems, so everyone in the supply chain can interact with each other. Transport planners can anticipate unexpected changes and steer towards best performance. Multiple operations can be scheduled and rescheduled across delivery fleets and drivers. Simacan is available in a multi-shipper, multi-transport company setting.

Our results

  •   30% less turn around time
Simacan Success Stories

With Simacan, bloomon improves the quality of its planning and is able to serve clients even more flexibly. In cooperation with App2Track, Simacan has digitised the entire delivery process of the inbound bouquet delivery and provided real-time insight.

"Already solved at least half of all off-time deliveries. That makes money and more importantly: happy customers."

Falko Dobbe, Global Head of Logistics at bloomon

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