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Closely monitor your full transport operation

It is becoming progressively clear that your transport operation can’t function without a solid transport system. Due to increasing digitization and a rising demand for visibility in the transport sector, you need to act now in order to reduce costs and manage expectations.

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Better performance

Connecting all platforms gives everyone in the supply chain access to the same information. They can anticipate unexpected changes and improve their performance. Find the quickest, safest and most accurate route to ensure full shelves and happy customers. You decrease waiting times at the dock, improve the last-mile results and reach your CSR goals.

Be proactive

Simacan can easily be integrated into your primary operation to support the way you work. Use the right information where you need it the most. Develop unique solutions and transform your business from reactive to proactive. Look ahead, adjust execution in real time and keep your clients updated. Being more agile in your transport operations means you save costs.

Proof of success

Having access to precise delivery times of all your historic deliveries allows you to accurately measure your performance and uncover areas of improvement. Closely monitor a vehicle’s lost hours per route, turnaround times and traffic conditions, and analyse the effect of the action taken. You can share insights into operational efficiency between shippers, carriers and charters. Together, you can optimize the transport process and save costs.

Simacan Success Stories

PostNL Transport uses Simacan for the real-time operational monitoring of their transport between warehouses, sorting centers and large customers. In the control room, planners have an overview of the positions of their own and charter vehicles, in relation to the current planning and traffic situation.

"Simacan gives us a real-time overview of both our own fleet and charter vehicles."

Pieter Lemstra, Director Cargo Services Benelux & Transport the Netherlands at PostNL

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