Simacan Transport Cloud




The digital transport network that like you do

Simacan Transport Cloud enables you to collaborate digitally with business partners and connect each other’s planning, transport, and fleet management systems. The cloud acts as a digital data hub where you control what and how information is shared. The Transport Cloud provides a wealth of data sources and powerful WEB-API’s which allow you to expand your operational capabilities and grow your business.

Collaborate within days

Eliminate custom software integration projects that take months. Connection-as-a-service: choose from ready-to-use integrations with leading planning, transport, and fleet management systems. Start working together with anyone within days.

You own your data

Your most valuable business asset is your data. You control how your data is used. We take care of maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data and we’ll never use or sell your data. Period.

An investment that lasts

Simacan Transport Cloud uses the proven, open source OpenTripModel as universal data language. Which enables you to tap into an ever growing ecosystem of leading software and data providers.


your systems

Connect planning, transport, and fleet management systems. Exchange digital assets such as operational planning, real-time in-vehicle data, and physical locations of distributions centers, shops, and hubs. Update your digital assets across internal and external systems. Maintain overview and control on authentication and authorization.

  • Manage and update your digital assets in one place
  • Connection-as-a-service: Outsource your digital connectivity and stop developing custom software. Tap into an ever growing ecosystem of leading software and data providers
  • Your data is safe and secure. Simacan Transport Cloud processes are certified against the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard


with partners

Work together digitally in a controlled and secure manner. Directly share transport orders and status updates with partners. You decide who has the rights to see and edit what. Stay in control of what and how information is used. Examples of digital collaboration you can achieve when connected to Simacan Transport Cloud:

  • Exchange transport orders, preferred routes and times, realisation reports, and comments using OpenTripModel
  • Keep track of ad hoc assignments with transport orders that can be easily changed, and allocated to different business partners in your network
  • Share the real-time perspective on the network execution with cooperating partners: Decide to connect to each others execution updates


your capabilities

Create new services and delight your customers. From same day delivery and freight sharing, to city hubs and platooning. Use from a wealth of data sources to develop unique solutions. Example of services you can create using Simacan Transport Cloud:

  • In vehicle last-mile route guidance
  • Notifications for estimated time of arrival, temperature monitoring and digital security seals
  • Analysis of inbound and outbound supply chains, to optimize turnaround times at distribution centers
  • On-demand resource capacity management


your business

Focus on what you do best. An established fast and secure digital transport network transforms your business from reactive to proactive. Be the change you want to see and grow your business at your own pace. You respond to change and you are flexible to accelerate and specialize in your way.

Curious what we can do for you?

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