Do you want to become a Simacan employee?

Working at Simacan

Has it always been your professional dream to contribute to an innovative product at a growing tech company that values sustainability, innovation and safety? Do you want to make your professional contribution to a progressive company that deals with technology for visible and timely deliveries in the transport world? Then we at Simacan are looking for your talent! 

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Simacan solutions enable the supply chain industry to work smarter. But what we do goes beyond offering a solution. Our motto is therefore 'Ahead in future logistics'.

Everything we do at Simacan is about shaping an efficient and intelligent supply chain ecosystem together. How? By creating smart innovations that solve a range of transport and logistics challenges, large and small. We lead the way in the transport and logistics sector and have an impact on the entire industry. 

Our company culture

Working at Simacan means being part of a culture in which
people are central; our own colleagues and our customers. Working for us means working in a family and informal environment. 

What does it mean to be a Simacan employee? With us, you matter as a person: you are free to be who you are and to do what you think is right. Simacan has no rigid hierarchical structure; there is an open culture in which everyone can express their ideas and opinions and is treated in a respectful manner. We look at everyone's qualities and potential. We stimulate and trust our people to really contribute.

At Simacan, it is about what you contribute, not about your position within the organisation. Every Simacan employee is supported to develop themselves as optimally as possible, for example by making a study budget available. But what you also get when you work at Simacan are a warm welcome from helpful colleagues, solidarity, a listening ear and autonomy. We believe that we are at our best as a company when you are. Does this appeal to you and will you also become a Simacanner?


Thought leadership Simacan

Simacan was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating a general cloud-based smart data fusion platform that combines maps and traffic data. The dream that founder Rob Schuurbiers had in mind was to live in an emission-free house, where emission-free packages are delivered by autonomous trucks, without having to worry about his children being hit by a delivery man in a hurry. Now Simacan is successful in the Dutch retail and transport market with our Simacan Platform and accompanying advanced features that contribute to this future dream of Rob.

Within the industry, Simacan is valued for its focus on developing long-term partnerships and integrating and educating the supply chain. For example, Simacan developed the Open Trip Model (OTM), which makes it possible to standardise messages for logistical processes.

We then released this to the sector based on the conviction that the model, free from commercial interests, can best serve the entire sector. Simacan is and will remain intensively involved in the further development of the model.

Future vision of Simacan

Simacan keeps a sharp eye on the future: future developments in transport and logistics, but also on the growth of our own organisation.

Last year, with a subsidy from the European Union, we started an ambitious growth programme called Simacan LINK, the driving force behind our company’s further international expansion. The aim of this project is to play a greater role in the digital transformation that shippers and carriers in transport and logistics are facing.

With the support of a number of leading retailers, transport companies and technology partners, Simacan wanted to take its research and development of recent years and European transport management to the next level. We are supported by the European Horizon 2020 programme.


Working at Simacan

Do you want to become a Simacan employee?

Do you also want to be part of Simacan’s visionary way of working and join us in future-oriented transport and supply chain entrepreneurship? Do you also want to work in a no-nonsense culture where you can be yourself, have fun every day working on innovative ideas and develop yourself? We are always looking for talented colleagues to strengthen our team!

Can’t find a job that suits you? Then send us an open application. Send us your CV and cover letter:

Any other questions about the vacancies? Please contact our recruiter Sebastiaan Cové: +316 83796589.

Unsolicited acquisition by recruitment agencies is not appreciated.

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Your future colleagues about Simacan:

My work is my hobby, working at Simacan really feels like this. It is great to experience how much room you get at Simacan to do those things you feel helping Simacan move forward. Personally, not just on a technical level, but even more on personal skills. When can I welcome you at Simacan?

Agile Test Coach



The great thing about Simacan is that it is a people-oriented company where you feel welcome and at home from day one!





From the moment I stepped inside, I quickly felt like I was part of one big family. After a warm welcome, I soon felt like a true simacanner. What makes work so much fun for me, is to be able to inspire our clients - together with all my colleagues - about our services and to be able to include them in our vision.


Sales Developer

Simacan is a great company to work for, you feel you are more than just an employee. Because there is a great deal of personalized attention to you as a person. Working together with great colleagues on our product, the Simacan Control Tower. Everyday we try to improve a little bit more.

Lead Engineer

At Simacan I can truly make a difference. As a software developer, I'm creating functionality that truly doesn't exist yet. Interesting algorithms. Making new connections between data sources and between companies. And to do this in a truly agile company, and with coworkers who are always keen to explore the next step, is lots of fun.

Scrum Master and Software Developer Team Polaris