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If you frequently access Simacan products, you may skip this screen by navigating directly to the URL that is shown when you've filled out the fields. This URL is a direct link to your application that you can bookmark for quick access.

⚠️ Do take care when you bookmark the application once the application is active. The URL may contain filters and selections (e.g. the selected date or trip). If you bookmark those, then you will navigate directly to that specific date, trip or other state of the application, which may not be what you intend.

Don't know your workspace name?

If you don't know the workspace name of your account, there are a number of ways to find it:

  1. When you first received access to the Simacan application, you may have received a direct URL to the application, in the form of https://<organisation>.<application> The first part of the URL is your workspace name.
  2. You can contact a colleague, your internal key user or your IT department to request the workspace name.
  3. We are still in the process of migrating all users towards their own organisation. If your account has not migrated yet, you may still be using https://<application> If so, then you are signing in via the simacan_transport_cloud workspace name. Note that this fallback may become unavailable in the future once we complete the migration.
  4. We have created a temporary fallback when you enter an incorrect/unknown workspace name. Until we complete the migration to organisations, you can enter any other workspace name and you will be redirected to the simacan_transport_cloud organisation. When you notice that you are signing in to the Simacan Transport Cloud organisation on the sign-in screen, be aware that you are using the fallback and may need to switch to the appropriate workspace name in the future.

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