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With the Simacan Control Tower, bloomon improves the quality of its planning and is able to serve clients even more flexibly.

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Bloomon at a glance

  • Delivers online flower subscription since fall 2014.
  • Has conquered the Netherlands.
  • Bloomon is active worldwide.
Growing need for overview and insight

Bloomon does not have its own fleet but uses a partner network. From various Hubs, consisting of external transport companies and courier services, deliveries are made in the region in question. Coordination and customer service take place centrally, from bloomon’s head office.

Intuitive solution

Falko Dobbe, Global Head of Logistics at bloomon: “With the growth of bloomon, we increasingly needed an overview and up-to-date insight into the logistics process. We were looking for an intuitive solution, because success depends on use on the shop floor. On the one hand, I mean our agents at Customer Support, who maintain intensive contact with the Hubs and our customers. On the other hand, there are the drivers – 600 to 700 drivers on the road for us every week. They have a car and a smartphone; we wanted to offer them a standardized solution”. bloomon talked to several parties and chose the Simacan Control Tower in combination with App2Track – an android/iOS app that drivers can use on their mobile phones.

Simacan has, in cooperation with App2Track, digitised the entire delivery process of the inbound bouquet delivery and made it transparent in real time.

Real-time information provides clarity

At the head office of bloomon, the journey schedules for the various Hubs are prepared in the Simacan Control Tower. The hub managers log in, see which rides they need to arrange specifically for their own Hub and assign them to drivers. The drivers receive their assignments via App2Track, can be followed in real time during their trips and make delivery notifications in the app.

Sophie Calicher, Team Lead Customer Support at bloomon: “When customers used to call with the question ‘Where are my flowers?’, that meant a lot of back and forth calls or apps with the hub manager in question, who had to get hold of his driver again. That could be pretty hectic.”

“A decentralized delivery process, centrally controlled – then good communication is crucial!”

Falko Dobbe, Global Head of Logistics at bloomon

“From planner to driver, everything has to work properly. Simacan makes sure that bloomon doesn’t have to worry about any disturbances in the chain.”

Eric Mulders, Manager Sales & Marketing at Simacan

“Exactly the service we want to provide.”

"With the new system, agents have up-to-date insight into the status of a delivery at a glance. If a delivery comes too late or too early – you’re always dependent on the weather and traffic – we can see that and proactively inform customers at the touch of a button."

Sophie Calicher, Team Lead Customer Support at bloomon

“We need fewer people for customer contact. We’ve gone from 25 to an average of only 12 agents a night. While we’re still open on all channels: email, texting, chats, WhatsApp and Facebook.”

Sophie Calicher, Team Lead Customer Support at bloomon
‘The devil is in the details’

Falko Dobbe: “We went on a trip together and you also run into hick ups. For example, an app available from the start on both Android and iOS phones proved to be a critical success factor for smooth acceptance by drivers. Moreover, the app had to integrate with the navigation software already present on the phones. Together with App2Track we succeeded in this”.

The roll-out in summer 2017 went smoothly. bloomon consciously chose to try out the new system initially with two partners. This was followed by a major event for all logistics partners in which explanations were given, the first experiences were shared and everyone could ask questions.

Falko Dobbe: “If you have a good story, you’ll come out of it. It turned out that way. The event was followed by two partners per week who started working in the new way. “We were on top of that together. They received clear instructions in the presence of Simacan and App2Track. The devil is in the details. If you see on the spot what might be tricky for partners, you can solve it right away.”

Step-by-step transition

Sophie Calicher: “We had pronounced wishes about the way we wanted to work with the system and tested it step by step. Then we, too, proceeded step-by-step; first we worked a fixed group of agents into the Control Tower and later expanded it within the entire team. It was nice to see how quickly people picked it up. The system speaks for itself and is very clear visually”.

More than half of all outside time deliveries solved

In November 2017, the first Hubs ‘went over’. In April 2018 there was national coverage. Since autumn 2018, the system is also operational in Germany and Denmark. Falko Dobbe: “All available data help us enormously to improve the quality of the planning. We already knew that an x percentage was too late, but also a part was significantly too early. Now half of all outside time deliveries have already been resolved. That makes money, but much more importantly: happy customers”.

Flexibility and more peace of mind

“We can also serve our customers even more flexibly; they can pass on changes right up to the last moment (think of: ‘I’m not here, just deliver to the neighbours!’). From the drivers, we generally get positive reactions to the app. Their journeys have become quieter; they are called less often in between”.

Bloomon makes use of Simacan Track & Trace Portal

Bloomon has a mission to make 'flower power' accessible to everyone. They do this by offering their customers a 'bloomon experience', partly through customer-friendly and well-organised delivery. Bloomon has been using the Simacan Track & Trace Portal. The communication with the bloomon customers has become even better thanks to the shorter lines that are now offered. The Track & Trace Portal is used for all bloomon customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

The track & trace portal offers bloomon:

  • The bloomon experience the customer wants
  • Li>Full control over customer communication
  • Possibility of cross-selling: from one-time purchases of gifts to long-term subscriptions of bouquets
  • Fewer failed deliveries
  • Reduction of customer service contact: "When will my bouquet be delivered?"
  • Shorten and automate various processes

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