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Logistics service provider Nedcargo is specialised in food, beverage & retail. Nedcargo uses Simacan's platform to offer more added value for their customers. This enables them to provide their manufacturers and retailers grip on transport flows and increase the availability of products in shops.

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transport / supply chain

Nedcargo at a glance

  • Nedcargo mission: a wasteless supply chain;
  • Nedcargo in facts: 25000 delivery addresses, 235.000 m2 warehousing and more than 840 employees;
  • Nedcargo’s suppliers and recipients have insight into their ETAs through Simacan.
Digital integration

With Simacan manufacturers get a grip on the expected arrival times (ETA) of trucks at their locations and retailers can see when Nedcargo is coming to supply their DCs. Retailers can request adjustments via the platform in order to optimise their own processes. For example, bringing forward a delivery to a specific DC because there is an acute shortage, or rescheduling a stop because there are temporarily no docks or people available at a DC. Mook: "By digitally integrating with retailers and meeting their needs, we also unburden the food companies. They can leave the detailed coordination with their end customers completely to us and don't have to worry about whether their products will be in the shops on time."

Wasteless supply chain

Nedcargo is focused on providing high quality service with the least possible waste and CO2 emissions. The words Wasteless Supply Chain are prominently displayed in large letters at the Dutch headquarters in Waddinxveen. To achieve this mission, it is important that transport capacity is optimally utilised and that activities for different customers are cleverly combined. "With Simacan you can prevent a truck from driving empty or having to wait somewhere for a long time, for example because a load location is temporarily inaccessible. Because you have real-time insight into the current progress of trips, you can see at any time where synergy benefits lie and how to prevent empty miles."

First time right

Waste can also be prevented with better planning. The interaction between Simacan's execution platform and Nedcargo's planning system, plays an important role in this, says Mook. "Data on completed trips are systematically fed back from Simacan. This allows you to analyse structural deviations and bottlenecks. Suppose that a certain address is structurally delayed on Friday afternoon, then the next time it would be better to plan it in the morning. By not assuming fixed standard times for trips, loading and unloading in your planning but really differentiating by day and time, in combination with location, you’re able to make planning much more reliable and first time right (FTR)."

Future-proof solution

Nedcargo is a progressive and data-driven company and as CEO, Jurgen Mook has a clear vision of how the transport industry will develop. "To achieve social sustainability goals and make optimal use of scarce transport capacity, chain partners will have to cooperate more with each other. This is not possible with only specified carriers deployed on fixed routes. If we deliver cargo to a retail DC on behalf of our customers, why not also take cargo for that same retailer to an address we pass anyway? I do know that this is still a hope for the future, but as Nedcargo we want systems that will make this possible. The beauty of Simacan is that it already offers these possibilities for integrated collaboration, that’s why Simacan really is a future-proof solution for us."

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