Simacan Control Tower

Take control of your transport operation with Simacan Control Tower. Look ahead and adjust execution in real time.

Control the chaos

No more time wasted trying to find out what is happening. Employees can immediately focus on discovering solutions.

Thankful customers

Knowing exactly what time an order gets delivered. Customers are informed automatically in case the arrival time changes.

Efficient transport

Vehicle lost hours are reduced. Logistic managers analyze the impact of traffic and identify optimizations to achieve operational excellence.


Manage by exception. Eliminate distractions. Receive automatic updates and configurable alerts when service levels are at risk.


Look ahead. Give yourself a window to intervene with the best solution. Keep your promises and meet your customer’s expectations.


Enlighten your customers with exact arrival times. Share updates via dashboard, email, sms and instant messaging.


Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks. Track performance to measure against your agreed service levels.


One overview: impact of current traffic conditions on planning taken into account
Overview: impact of traffic on planning
Management by exception: pro-active notifications whenever your are exceeding your service level criteria
Management by exception: notifications when threshold exceeded
Less manual work: last mile routes and automatic arrival detection
Automation: last mile routes and arrival detection


Find best solution: compare current travel times on your alternative routes
Alternative solutions: compare current travel times on routes
Meet expectations: change planning and routes during the execution
Resolve issues: change planning and routes during execution
Single point of action: send instructions directly to onboard computers
Single action: instructions sent directly to vehicle


Accurate information: reliable arrival times predicted for all stops in a trip or for all incoming trips at a location
Arrival times: accurately predicted for incoming trips at location
Customized service: automatic broadcasting to your own systems and narrowcasting to your customers
Customized information: to partners in logistic supply chain and to customers
Shared perspective: explain context of delays via direct chat
Perspective: share reason of delay with partners via direct chat


Proof of success: measure the effect of taken actions to reduce delays and optimize the planning
Reports: measure effect of actions
Agreement on results: shared insight in operational efficiency between shippers, carriers, and charters
Agreement: shared view on results between shippers, carriers and charters
Root cause analysis: analyse vehicle lost hours per route, turnaround times, and jam-delay tables
Post-trip data: available for root cause analysis

Curious what we can do for you?

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More advantages of Simacan Control Tower

Connected to Transport Cloud

Simacan Control Tower includes a subscription to Simacan Transport Cloud, enabling you to collaborate digitally with business partners and connect each other’s planning, transport, and fleet management systems.


No company is the same, no transport operation is the same. Simacan Control Tower can easily be integrated into your primary operation to support the way you work instead of the other way around. Use your own internal IDs and your service level criteria for notifications.

No configuration

Simacan products do not have complicated configuration files, cluttered control panels, or unclear options and settings. Within any Simacan product you will only find clear charts and overviews, plain interfaces, and effective data filters.


All Simacan products are hosted in the Cloud, offering several benefits: mission-critical uptime (up to 99.99%), platform and OS independency, managed software updates, scalable system performance, and zero maintenance costs.


All Simacan products offer an exclusive Service Level Agreement, granting access to a monitoring dashboard and a 24/7 hotline for emergency situations. During office hours, we are always available for questions or any other necessity that might arise.


Simacan is ISO 27001 certified. All Simacan products run on hosts in the EU complying with EU data protection and privacy regulations. We will never use or sell your data. You own your data. Guaranteed.