Smart execution management platform

What is Simacan?

Simacan is a smart execution management platform in last mile and urban distribution. Simacan empowers stakeholders across time critical delivery networks with strong collaboration and execution management abilities. Enabling them to easily deliver their customers with a 5-star customer experience.

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How does it work?

The Simacan platform consists of multiple elements and interfaces to make sure all persons in the transport delivery chain are simultanously involved and informed in various ways.

  • Simacan Control Tower: The desktop interface where you can manage your transport fleet end-to-end.

  • Arrival monitor: The display at a shop, hub, distribution centre or depot providing information such as transport delivery time.

  • Driver notifications: Combining TMS/FMS information and informing the driver real-time with delivery notifications. 

  • Customer notifications: Informing consumers about their delivery times.



Manage by exception. Eliminate distractions. Receive automatic updates and configurable alerts when service levels are at risk.


Look ahead. Give yourself a window to intervene with the best solution. Keep your promises and meet your customer’s expectations.


Enlighten your customers with exact arrival times. Share updates via dashboard, email, SMS and instant messaging.


Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks. Track performance to measure against your agreed service levels.


Simacan enables you to collaborate digitally with your business partners and connect each other’s planning, transport and fleet management systems.


Simacan's solutions can be easily integrated into your primary operation to support the way you work instead of the other way around. Use your own internal IDs and your service level criteria for notifications. We know "No company is the same, no transport operation is the same."

No configuration

Simacan's solutions do not have complicated configuration files, cluttered control panels, or unclear options and settings. Within every Simacan solution you will find clear charts and overviews, plain interfaces and effective data filters.

Simacan Success Stories

“Once our truck drivers had left the distribution centre, we literally had no idea where they were. Therefore, we decided to invest in optimizing our planning and gaining maximum supply chain visibility. We use Simacan to monitor all the trips and also for all the associated communication. Besides that, we use a central advanced planning & scheduling (APS) system from Quintiq. Between them, those two systems give us optimal support – from strategic planning all the way through to the actual trips.”

Alberdine van Velzen, Manager Supply Chain Planning at Jumbo

Ahold Delhaize uses Simacan in their daily logistic operation. For a more efficient transport to Albert Heijn stores, Ahold Delhaize works together with their carriers. Customers who get their groceries delivered at home, are informed when they can expect their order with a text message based on real-time information.

"Ordering groceries online became easier. Customers know exactly what time they should be home and no longer have to wait for the delivery man."

The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB chooses Simacan, to easily access, edit and publish traffic information. The editors of ANWB combine and enrich traffic information from a wide variety of data sources and distribute it to millions of users.

"Our traffic information just got better. Simacan offers us many more sources deserving our attention."

Edwin Gerritsen, News Reader Traffic Information at ANWB
Simacan benefits

All Simacan's solutions are hosted in the Cloud, offering several benefits:

  • mission-critical uptime (up to 99.5%)
  • platform and OS independency
  • managed software updates
  • scalable system performance
  • zero maintenance costs

All Simacan's solutions are offered with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), granting access to a monitoring dashboard and a 24/7 hotline for emergency situations. During office hours, we are always available for questions or any other necessity that might arise.


Simacan is ISO 27001 certified. All Simacan solutions run on hosts in the EU complying with EU data protection and privacy regulations. We will never sell your data. You own your data. Guaranteed.

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