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Discover Simacan’s benefits for your business

Supply chain
Supply chain
Gain more insight, optimization and communication into your supply chain.
Home delivery
Home delivery
Manage and meet delivery expectations, while informing everyone simultaneously.
Parcel / postal delivery
Parcel / postal delivery
Overview, insight and control over all transport activities across different delivery fleets.

Eliminate custom software integration projects that take months. Connection-as-a-service: ready-to-use integrations with leading planning, transport and fleet-management systems. You can start working together with anyone within days.

Two-way communication

Simacan calculates and optimizes the delivery process using data from planning and support systems. From consumers at home to transport planners at work, everyone has access to and receives the same delivery information.

Real-time insights

Timing is everything in transport. Simacan provides information on, assists with and anticipates delivery exceptions during the entire journey. Within a matter of seconds, you know the impact of current traffic conditions, so you can act when needed.


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the story of our company

Who is the Simacan?

As part of the Carib-Arawak-Indian tribe some 3,600 years ago, the Simacan was able to predict travel routes and time based on the position of the moon and the stars. Analysing, predicting and advising – these are important characteristics we ourselves identify with today.