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Simacan Control Tower

Before you know it, transport execution can become chaotic. Take control of your logistic operation with Simacan Control Tower. Look ahead and adjust execution in real time. Gain perspective on how the situation progresses into the future and resolve issues before they have become problems.

Simacan Transport Cloud

Start working in the digital transport network that thinks, acts, and works like you do. Work together digitally in a controlled and secure manner. Use the right information where you need it the most. Develop unique solutions and transform your business from reactive to proactive.

The four pillars of Simacan Control Tower


Manage by exception. Eliminate distractions. Receive automatic updates and configurable alerts when timeliness is at risk.


Look ahead. Give yourself a window to intervene with the best solution. Keep your promises and meet your customer’s expectations.


Enlighten your customers with exact arrival times. Share updates via dashboard, email, sms and instant messaging.


Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks. Track performance to measure against your agreed service levels.

Execution is chaotic and can become messy before you know it. Unexpected traffic jams, unplanned roadworks, unreliable communication and incomplete information. Your planning and promises just became worthless. It is too late to fix things so you start apologizing. Sounds familiar?

Simacan Transport Cloud puts your data in motion

With Simacan Transport Cloud you can integrate real-time and historical mobility data in your services via powerful web APIs. This cloud solution can be used separately from Simacan Control Tower. You choose which connections you want to make, and what data you want to use and present.

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This is what our clients say about us

Simacan Control Tower gives us a real-time overview of both our own fleet and charter vehicles.
Ordering groceries online became easier. Customers know exactly what time they should be home and no longer have to wait for the delivery man.
Our traffic information just got better. Simacan offers us many more sources deserving our attention.