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Our ecosystem

At Simacan, we dream about a future where transport and logistics are fully driven by digital collaboration between all stakeholders. 

By working together with partners, connecting our services and enabling easy data sharing throughout the logistical ecosystem, this becomes reality! Integrations with leading planning solutions, telematics providers and other data sharing platforms enable us to speed-up digitalisation and unlock a new wealth of real-time services for the supply chain.

Our partners

We are looking for ecosystem partners who share the same primary strategic goals so we can make better informed decisions together. Decisions that strike a balance between important social, environmental and financial considerations. With the aim of working together on an efficient and intelligent supply chain ecosystem meanwhile shaping an efficient and intelligent supply chain ecosystem together.

Simacan works together with:


Interested in becoming a Simacan partner?

We welcome companies, knowledge institutions and regional government in the fields of transport and logistics to join in our partnership. To join, sent us an email - to the below mentioned adress - with your name, company details and let us know the reason why you want to be mentioned as a Simacan partner.

For more information about a partnership with Simacan or a wish to join us, please contact us at the following email address: