“We put traffic & logistics on the map”

Simacan is a young Dutch company founded in 2013 by Rob Schuurbiers and Felix Faassen, two engineers with more than 15 years of experience in developing innovative products and services for the B2B, the government, and consumer market.

Our products integrate real-time traffic information in primary business processes. We specialize in making geospatial data truly accessible and useful.

Would you like to make our team stronger?

We are looking for talented individuals to strengthen our team:

Job opening: Manager Operations
Job opening: Delivery Manager
Job opening: Management Assistant 
Job opening: DevOps Engineer

(Job descriptions coming online soon)

Check out what our engineers write about the nitty gritty daily tech of Simacan on nerds.simacan.com

Not finding a position that suits you? We welcome open applications. Send us your CV and motivation letter: jobs@simacan.com 

Unsolicited acquisition from recruitment agencies is not appreciated.

Our team

Our interdisciplinary team comprises creative traffic experts, software engineers, and product developers with a strong focus on performance, data quality, and user-friendliness.

Rob Schuurbiers
Rob Schuurbiers Founder & CEO

Rob is responsible for everything that happens under the sun at Simacan. Data almost literally flows through his veins, as he is always seeking for new ways to combine and make use of data sources. Before Simacan, Rob was responsible for the quality of TomTom‘s service HD Traffic. Rob is a football enthusiast in heart and soul, who loves spending time with his family.

Felix Faassen
Felix Faassen Founder & CTO

Felix is responsible for the technology and operation of Simacan. Just like Rob, Felix spent years working for TomTom where he was one of the responsibles for the development of the platform technology for online services. Felix is not shy for a vigorous walk in the woods or a cycling trip, he brews his own beer and likes playing the piano.

Eric Mulders
Eric Mulders Sales Manager

Eric is responsible for the commercial activities of Simacan. Blessed with fiber-optic internet as a student, he has started working on online services in 1997. While graduating on influencing traffic with dynamic route information at Rijkswaterstaat, Eric has gotten infected with the mobility virus. At home, Eric builds on infrastructure together with his kids: ranging from tunnels in the sandbox to online cities in Minecraft.

Martijn Loot
Martijn Loot Chief Product Officer

Martijn helps our clients to get the most out of our products. Martijn is a traffic engineer who has evolved into a product manager with a sharp focus on traffic management, data analysis, and maps. At Arcadis he conducted impact studies for the new 130 km/h speed limit policy and the Praktijkproef Amsterdam. Martijn is a proud dad and an eager cyclist.

Ruggero Montalto
Ruggero Montalto Product Manager

Ruggero leads the implementation of an Information Security Management System within Simacan. Born in Rome and grown up in Europe, Ruggero is an all-round humanist. He is finishing a Ph.D. in experimental linguistics and is the co-founder of the 79s art publishing platform. Ruggero likes free software, Progressive Rock, cappuccino, and dessert wines.

Roy Stroek
Roy Stroek Product Manager

At Simacan, Roy is responsible for the management of product configurations. With a strong background in industrial design engineering and software engineering, Roy structures Simacan’s products and prioritises their development. In his spare time, Roy is an eager learner who is always in the mood to join sport events.

Gioffry Maduro
Gioffry Maduro Business Developer

Gioffry is a traffic business developer with a broad interest in both traffic and C-ITS. Before working for Simacan, he was project manager for innovation projects like Brabant In-Car II, and the development of several ITS standardization like TPEG at TISA. With his 10-year experience in ITS solutions, Gioffry is responsible for sales & business development.

Lars Boersma
Lars Boersma Business Developer

Lars is a traffic engineer with a broad interest in traffic and logistics. With his experience in supermarket logistics, at Simacan, Lars is responsible for new businesses development & innovation. In his spare time, Lars enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing futsal, and touring on his racing bike. He has a passion for football and travels through Europe to visit matches.

Paul Krijger
Paul Krijger Product Manager

Paul leads different projects inside Simacan, one example of which is the Spookfiles A58. At TomTom, he graduated with the project titled “Traffic Light Phase Prediction”, winning the Spykerprijs 2013 for the best thesis in vehicle technology. Paul is an eager football fan and likes watching movies. He is a true Nintendo fanboy and he is unbeatable at “Mario Kart”.

Peter Bijl
Peter Bijl Product Manager

With two theses at Simacan, Peter completed his Master’s degrees in Traffic Engineering and Logistics. He now continues working on the future of traffic and logistics as Product Manager of Simacan Traffic Cast and Simacan Control Tower. When not working, Peter really enjoys running or watching a good TV-series from the comfort of his couch. He also likes to visit his friends, wherever in the world they might be.

Lisette Okkersen
Lisette Okkersen Management Assistant

Lisette is responsible for Simacan’s administration. She is also the supporting strength behind Rob & Felix’s busy schedules. Unless she is in a meeting, she will answer the phone before you can hear it ringing on our side. When not at Simacan, Lisette studies in part-time for her bachelor in Business Administration at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, or enjoys spending time with her partner and her family.

Lotte Harmsen
Lotte Harmsen Marketing & Communication

Lotte is responsible for all of Simacan communications, from tweets to technical documentation. She wrote her Media Studies Master’s thesis about virtual spaces in games. Next to her work as online editor, she followed courses about programming and geography. Lotte likes jogging and going on long-distance hikes.

Ruben Kooijman
Ruben Kooijman Team Lead

Programming has been Ruben’s hobby since 1990. Before joining Simacan, he was a Java software engineer at Better.be and Topicus. In his spare time Ruben works on media projects about augmented reality and biofeedback. Ruben likes bike racing, sampling Belgian Trappist beer and American India Pale Ale, and doing organic gardening.

Simke Kamphorst
Simke Kamphorst Information Manager

As a researcher of Ancient History with a degree in History teaching, Simke has broad skills in gathering and structuring essential information. At Simacan, Simke has been compiling a knowledge base about Simacan’s products and processes, and helping in organizing events and conferences. Simke is a proud mum of two boys, and loves spending time cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, and practicing yoga.

Adriaan Groenenboom
Adriaan Groenenboom Software Engineer

Adriaan just started his career as a software engineer. While still studying, he was already developing visualizations for planning software. Adriaan’s fascination for Scala and scalable systems has always been huge, which has ultimately led him to work at Simacan. He loves working with the latest and newest technologies, and enjoys cooking, playing piano, and riding his mountain bike.

Bas Meesters
Bas Meesters Software Engineer

Bas found at Simacan the perfect spot to combine his interests in difficult mathematical problems and the building of large, scalable software. Software architecture is one of Bas’ big passions and he likes to dive into new technologies and programming languages. When not at the office Bas enjoys cooking, listening to music, and traveling, as well as spending time with his friends and his girlfriend.

Gerret Sanders
Gerret Sanders Software Engineer

Through the Make IT Work training programme, Gerret gave his career as a Software Engineer a racing start. At Simacan, Gerret spends most of his time developing in Scala and Java. When not working, Gerret enjoys staying informed about the latest advances in science and technology and discussing how these changes might affect human society.

Bart Kummel
Bart Kummel Software Engineer

An experienced software engineer, Bart used to develop embedded software in languages like Assembly, C and Java. While focussing on Java enterprise software for ten years, Bart started exploring the Scala world a couple of years ago. Something he can do at full speed now at Simacan. Bart is married to Joke and proud father of two children. Cooking and photography are his other devotions.

Rick Riemer
Rick Riemer Software Engineer

Since an age of 10, Rick programmed his way through school, taking part in the so-called demoscene, amongst others. After a venture in the videogame industry Rick found his way in healthcare IT. At Simacan, Rick mixes his knowledge with the modern development that is Simacan’s own. Rick spends most of his time with his wife and two lovely kids, occasionally playing a video game.

Werner Schram
Werner Schram Software Engineer

Werner started programming on a Commodore 64 and has not stopped since. To satisfy his curiosity for intelligent software, Werner studied Agents and Computational Intelligence at the University of Utrecht. Afterwards he worked as a software developer at several companies, until he eventually found Simacan. In his spare time, Werner enjoys building Lego Mindstorms robots and traveling around the world.

Bart Toersche
Bart Toersche Software Engineer

Bart develops and maintains the Simacan products. He has graduated at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, where he studied subjects like Advanced Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics. He likes tackling tricky challenges and learning about new technologies. As a hobby he enjoys playing video games and tinkering around with software.

Edwin de Jong
Edwin de Jong Data Engineer

Since early in his youth, Edwin has been fascinated by information and data visualization. Modern technology – he says – is a way of discovering how we relate to each other and to the world. When all this talking about technology becomes too much, Edwin enjoys playing the piano or preparing unique confectioneries out of chocolate.

Floor Nijenkamp
Floor Nijenkamp Product Specialist

With her technical background, Floor loves solving puzzles. At Simacan she can indulge all she wants in the making of data analysis, keeping herself busy with mathematical questions about logistic processes. No hobby is too crazy for Floor: travelling, scuba-diving, crocheting, knitting, and sewing. Floor also loves being busy in the kitchen, tending her vegetable garden, being out among the horses or with the dog.

Jelle Voost
Jelle Voost Software Engineer

Jelle works on the visualization techniques and on the architecture of our products. Before Simacan, he used to work at OVSoftware, where he developed 3D visualizations of traffic data. In his spare time Jelle enjoys watching Sci-Fi series, and playing “Guild Wars II” with friends. He also likes experimenting with unknown frameworks and new programming languages.

Jeroen Ferdinandus
Jeroen Ferdinandus Team Lead

Jeroen speaks many programming languages fluently: Java, Scala and C#. He is also Simacan’s watchdog, developing and overseeing the application which monitors all the other Simacan applications and systems. In his spare time Jeroen enjoys playing tennis very much.

Jeroen Soesbergen
Jeroen Soesbergen Data Engineer

Jeroen is software engineer. Before Simacan, he used to be a freelancer and developed several data processing and geographic systems for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Jeroen is always eager to acquire new knowledge, which he gladly shares with others. When not working, Jeroen either goes hiking or cycling in the forests of Twente, or creates software for his Arduino.

Jeroen ter Voorde
Jeroen ter Voorde Technical Lead

Jeroen is involved in the technical software engineering of all Simacan products. Jeroen is a guru in the fields of Java, Scala, Play, and GIS. When Jeroen is not busy coding, he enjoys playing video games or crossing through the Twentse countryside on his mountain bike. Jeroen has one more passion: travelling to distant and exotic places.

Marciano Viereck
Marciano Viereck Software Engineer

Marciano has studied Software Engineering at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Prior to Simacan, he was a game developer at his own company Duckbridge. He released Luckslinger and is still busy developing new video games in his spare time. Precious moments are also spent skateboarding, watching documentaries, traveling, playing fighting games (and other video games) and reading books of all kinds.

Martijn Scholten
Martijn Scholten Software Engineer

During the final phase of his studies, Martijn integrated Inspire in both the Simacan Insight and Connect Technology. While doing that, he learned a lot about Simacan, its philosophy, and its products and – after graduating – he decided to join Simacan. He enjoys kickboxing, playing video games, and watching movies in his spare time.