supply chain

Ahold Delhaize

Using Simacan Control Tower, Ahold Delhaize tracks the goods transported to its supermarkets by external carriers. Ahold Delhaize supplies its Albert Heijn stores efficiently by giving insight in exact location of trucks.

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supply chain

Ahold-Delhaize at a glance

  • Daily positions of 3000+ truck journeys in the Netherlands and Belgium visualized on map.
  • 25 Carriers, each connected via its own TMS.
  • 1000+ Stores see ETAs of incoming deliveries.
  • ETAs are calculated 1/min, based on real-time traffic information.
Process operators of Shippers

Through the Simacan Control Tower, the shippers can message on a trip or a stop level and communicate with the carrier. It is also possible to communicate with on-trip drivers to ensure the timely deliveries or manage exceptions.

Process operators of Carriers

The carriers can choose to receive messages from the shippers and communicate with the drivers or allow shippers to have direct communication with the driver. Carriers can independently use Simacan Control Tower to monitor and track their transport operation and streamline all communication.


Drivers can send standard or customized messages depending on the nature of circumstances and receive instant response without the need to be in the waiting queues.

“A solution brilliant in its simplicity.”

“Rob Schuurbiers of Simacan told us: ‘You should combine public and commercial data’ and he showed us an example with trains. Brilliant in its simplicity.”
“So we asked: ‘Can you unlock information from a carrier as quickly?’ One week later, Rob showed us that he fully integrated the operation of one of the carriers, Peter Appel Transport, in Simacan Control Tower.”

Senior Director Ahold Delhaize Transport

“Focus on cooperation.”

“The live overview enables management by exception. This is useful. For example in Belgium, where drivers are not allowed to unload after closing time. Nowadays, if a store manager sees that another supermarket is planned after them in the schedule, she will make sure that enough personnel is available. They will help unloading the goods, so that the next supermarket can also be supplied in time.”

Janneke Nijsing, Consultant at Ahold Delhaize Transport
Customer Support Call operators

Saves time on picking numerous calls on a daily basis. Most of the queries of similar type can be responded to by sending standardized messages.


With Simacan Control Tower in place, it's easy to connect with any of your driver apps to allow two way communication with the drivers and operational managers from shippers and carriers.

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