Daily Logistics Group (DLG)

With Simacan, DLG can easily view and manage the ins and outs of all the DLG DailyFresh transport operations in the United Kingdom. Thanks to a track and trace on all trailers, they save a lot of time - the track and trace department has gone from 3 FTE to 1 FTE - and the transport management of all their trailers is now done fast and easy.

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DLG at a glance

  • More than 700 trailers and 300 trucks
  • "Together, Smarter, Cleaner"
  • 3 Companies; 2 Families; 1 Mission

What do you get when you merge Visbeen Transport and Post Kogeko? That's right, a very strong logistical service under the name Daily Logistics Group, DLG for short. Marcus Post, explains how the unique collaboration between his father Dirk Post (founder Post Kogeko) and Adrie Visbeen (founder Visbeen Transport) came about and what it has yielded them. Their mission is "Together, Smarter, Cleaner" and Simacan can certainly contribute to this.


Marcus explains; "DLG combines forces in many different ways. In addition to making use of each other's strengths (Department A is good at containers? Great, let them take care of that part of the planning. Department B is good at groupage? Great, let them take that task), they also try to tackle things more efficiently. "We are working hard to convert the ICT environment to a single core system so that everyone can exchange data and work together more easily."

That’s where Simacan comes into play. “At DLG DailyFresh we have at least a 150 trailers a day in the high season. In the United Kingdom, for example, we have around 60 of our own trucks driving around plus many charters. Before we started with Simacan, we often had to call back and forth with the drivers of these trucks with questions: where are they now; is everything going according to plan; something is missing; you name it... 

Along with Simacan we now have a track-and-trace put on each trailer so that we no longer have to call the charters. We can see everything easily in the Simacan platform and make adjustments immediately, if necessary. These are real improvements and the benefits are great because it saves us a lot of time. After the implementation of the Simacan platform, we have gone from 3 FTE to 1 FTE in the track and trace department.”


While one DLG customer wants to have their goods delivered precisely on time no matter the costs, another customer prefers sustainability. Everything is possible now because forces and strengths are bundled.

Marcus: “Before the merger, it sometimes happened that we had to drive somewhere with a load, after unloading, of course we had an empty truck driving back. Nevertheless, Visbeen was also scheduled to pick up a load at the same location. A real waste, because you had 2 trucks driving 2 trips, which could also have been done in one go. This is what happens now, smarter and cleaner at the same time. In addition, more and more customers are also asking for LNG fuel. Albert Heijn is currently a frontrunner with this clean fuel: dynamos in the axles drive the cooling engine, solar panels on the roof… we'll see what the future will bring!” “After the implementation of the Simacan platform, DLG has gone from 3 FTE to 1 FTE in the track and trace department.”

Furthermore, what will the future bring?

“We want to keep on unburdening our customers!” urges Marcus. We really want to offer companies the total package; from unloading containers and handling customs documentation, to unloading at warehouses and driving out to the customer with groupage. DLG really sees an opportunity to do this service-oriented. In addition, their ambitions go further than the Netherlands, across borders. In the United Kingdom and also Spain, they already established collaborations with partners. And there are enough interfaces with Simacan to devote more attention to innovations such as eCMR and touchless transport.

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