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Transport Performance Monitor

Make more informed and tactical supply chain decisions with the business intelligence provided in the Transport Performance Monitor. Advanced analytics at your fingertips with your historical transport data. One dashboard for easy identification of your improvement opportunities.

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  • Full insight into your transport performance;
  • Easy to identify and seize opportunities for improvement;
  • Configure the analysis parameters to suit your organisation;
  • ISO 27001 certified: your data is protected at all times;
  • Data is downloadable for further in depth analysis.

Most beneficial for:

Carrier & Shipper

Make data-driven supply chain decisions with this high-level Control Tower view of data points on all your deliveries. Instant insights into your transport performance of your preferred period of time. Making it easier to start using them as feedback to monitor and measure improvements.

Transport Performance Monitor in the control tower

Transport Manager

Easy overview for Transport managers to determine the status of recent transport operations and see where changes for improvement have to be made in order to improve future delivery processes. Insights are available for transport operation size, arrival and departure timeliness, trip and stop durations and driving times. And all these insights are filterable with different perspectives; on location, goods flow type, on carrier and/or shipper.

Planning & Support

Optimise your logistics with reporting that offers at a glance all that matters to you. Perform clear and congruent business intelligence analysis based on historical transport operations in order to further improve your planning.

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Core capabilities


Full insight and control

Easy access to your post-trip data insights allows you to make better informed decisions and take complete control over your supply chain. Data is downloadable for further analysis. Detailed insights help determine which part of the transport chain to focus on.

Track performance over time

This dashboard provides an accessible and user-friendly way to access your transport data for periodical reporting, regular checks, to see trends and patterns or to make an overall assessment of a particular situation. Easy reviewing with predefined time periods; e.g. yesterday, previous 7 days or your own defined period.

Benchmark & optimise on department level

Detailed insights in actual versus planned stop durations and drive times per department or location.

Optimise fleet performance

Gain insight into the execution of cross sections of your fleets and trips, for specific stop patterns to optimise execution performance. Making your supply chain more resilient to future disruptions.

Shared reporting with stakeholders

This dashboard can be taken as a starting point, from where to start looking for relevant variables. You and your stakeholders can have a shared view of performances. Within this common view, tailoring is possible with data that is only relevant to you. You can use your own thresholds for data availability to fit them to your transport processes.


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With the Simacan Control Tower in place, it is easy to implement the Transport Performance Monitor.


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