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Last-mile guidance

You drive, we manage. Thanks to full control of the last-mile route, the driver receives en-route guidance and safety warnings. Smart route information enables drivers to avoid obstacles such as road closures and diversions. Furthermore, keeping their eyes firmly on the road reduces accidents and damage. In the meantime, consumers know exactly when their deliveries will arrive so they can make sure they are at home to receive them.

Fewer delays

The dream of no more waiting times can become reality! Because our platform connects all the links in the chain, each driver’s cargo is ready when they arrive, so they can set off on time: no more waiting at the dock and less paperwork thanks to the introduction of the e-CMR. This can reduce the turnaround time by as much as 30%!

Our results

  •   50% fewer delivery delays
  •   Last mile guidance
  •   Real-time traffic- and safety warnings
Simacan Success Stories

The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB chooses Simacan, to easily access, edit and publish traffic information. The editors of ANWB combine and enrich traffic information from a wide variety of data sources and distribute it to millions of users.

“'Chance of black ice on roads across the region’ is not sufficient information. A driver on the road wants to know exactly where on her route the road is slippery.”

Arnoud Broekhuis, Manager at ANWB Traffic Information
Simacan Success stories

"With Simacan we have an optimal insight into our supply chain. And consumers receive accurate delivery information well in advance."


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