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When will my delivery arrive?

If you are working to replenish fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), and especially food products, all your customers – whether they are consumers at home, staff in supermarkets or retail stores, or transport and distribution managers – want to know the same thing: ‘When can I expect my deliveries?’ To keep store shelves full and home delivery operations running smoothly, transport should be aligned across the whole supply chain.

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Manage by exception

Eliminate distractions. Receive automatic updates and configurable alerts when service levels are at risk. Connect all platforms so that everyone in the supply chain has the power to anticipate unexpected changes. Find the quickest, safest and most accurate route to ensure full shelves and happy customers.

Smaller planning burden

With Simacan you can create a realistic plan for the whole transport fleet, with a smaller staff than before. Discover and recognize patterns in supply chain data algorithms that enable continuous improvement. Optimize your transport planning by using congruent, unambiguous analytics of transportation operations based on business intelligence.

Reduce carriage costs

Improve warehouse productivity and save hours of waiting time for your drivers. New innovations like paperless transport can easily double the time savings and hence reduce costs! With Simacan you can ensure on-shelf availability of goods as cost-efficiently as possible.

Simacan Success Stories

Ahold Delhaize uses Simacan in their daily logistic operation. For a more efficient transport to Albert Heijn stores, Ahold Delhaize works together with their carriers. Customers who get their groceries delivered at home, are informed when they can expect their order with a text message based on real-time information.

"Ordering groceries online became easier. Customers know exactly what time they should be home and no longer have to wait for the delivery man."

Coen Schlüter, Senior Manager Delivery & PickUpPoint at Ahold Delhaize
Simacan Succes stories

“Once our truck drivers had left the distribution centre, we literally had no idea where they were. Therefore, we decided to invest in optimizing our planning and gaining maximum supply chain visibility. We use Simacan to monitor all the trips and also for all the associated communication. Besides that, we use a central advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system from Quintiq. Between them, those two systems give us optimal support – from strategic planning all the way through to the actual trips.”

Alberdine van Velzen, Manager Supply Chain Planning at Jumbo

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